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Are you passionate about yoga or wellness? We want to hear your perspective! We are regularly accepting guest posts from authors who have a story or perspective about yoga and wellness. 

In order to be considered, you must fill out an application. New bloggers who email and do not submit an application will not be considered. 

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Our articles go out to our email list twice a week, and get shared on social media. Our audience has certain expectations from 42Yogis content, and we are diligent about ensuring our audience isn't disappointed. All articles must adhere to our article guidelines in order to be considered for publication. 

Article Requirements:

  1. All articles must be unique. We do not allow plagarism, and we will not publish the post if it - or significant parts of it - have been copied from another website. If there are quotes pulled directly from other articles, please include a link to the article using the "related external articles" box.
  2. We don't want the same old same old posts you see everywhere. If you're pitching the same topic that you've written about a hundred times on other sites, we're not interested. 
  3. Minimum 750 words, preferably 1,000. The 42Yogis audience likes longer posts, and the longer the post, the more shares your post will get, which is good for everybody.
  4. Strong title. Posts with a strong title are more likely to get read. Please take this into consideration. If your title is not SEO or engaging, we will rewrite it.
  5. CC Image. We will create an image designed for optimum engagement. Please submit an image with your article that is Creative Commons. Make sure to include the photo credit. (You can find CC images on PhotoPin.com.)
  6. All articles must have an intro paragraph, at least one body paragraph, and a concluding paragraph. 
  7. You are welcome to include up to five links to different sites and resources within the body of the article, but don't stuff the article with keywords for the sake of back linking. 
  8. We reserve the right to edit the post.
  9. If the post will take too much grammar and syntax editing to be usable, we will not publish it.
  10. Try to be positive.
  11. No bullying, racism, bigotry, or any hurtful language.
  12. No spam.
  13. The author must have a strong command of the English language. Articles with poor grammar, poor spelling, poor sentance structure, will not be accepted.

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