10 Reasons Why You Should Not Enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training

Countless articles have been written by past students who rave about the innumerable ways their life has been transformed following a yoga teacher training program.

Stories of triumph, success and profound self-realization spread like wildfire from the mouths of enthusiastic yogis wanting to share good vibes all over this planet. But nobody ever talks about the dark side of practicing yoga and all the ways in which a yoga teacher training totally sucks. The following is a list as to why one may wish to bypass the hard work, and decide on a completely different lifestyle altogether.  

Here’s the top ten reasons why you definitely should not enroll in a yoga teacher training in India or anywhere.  

1. It Will Totally Ruin Bacon Double Cheeseburgers For You

There’s something about the awareness of yoga that affects what one eats and the way food is enjoyed. Suddenly meals become more about the tastes and colours of the fresh produce than quickly scarfing back food to get full. Most authentic yoga teacher training programs are conducted in ashrams, where meat and eggs are not accessible and silence is encouraged during meal times. After a month of clean and mindful eating, you may even feel compelled on your own to give up your favourite McDonald’s value meal. If you’re a believer that salad is just for rabbits, than you better stay away.

2. Sleeping Is For Babies

Yoga teacher training programs offer advanced courses in the art of pranayama, or breathing techniques. With these simple exercises, one can stimulate the parasyrest & digest nervous system with the use of breath awareness; encouraging a better night’s sleep. Who wants to wake up feeling rested and peaceful in the morning anyways?

3. It Sucks the Fun Out of Being Superficial

After spending a month connecting (and falling in love) with strangers of different ethnicities and ages from all around the world, your perception of outer beauty may begin to change. Suddenly the goodness inside a person becomes more obvious and important than the colour of their hair or how attractive they look in their yoga pants. Experiencing this type of bond with people and seeing the light in others will really take the fun out of being a gossiping mean girl, so best avoid yoga altogether.

4. Suddenly You’ll Want to Live With Less

Chanel perfume is no match for the amount of sweat and MAC foundation will simply melt away as you practice physical asanas. Not to mention, yoga delivers a type of internal contentment that can’t be achieved by reaching for external objects as a source of happiness. You will learn to enjoy living in a basic accommodation, immersing yourself in cultural experiences and may even forget the luxuries of expensive hotels. Remember when you used to invest in nice things? Now you spend all your time filling your heart instead of your wallet. What happened to you?

5. You’ll Actually Have to Feel Your Feelings

Getting in touch with your physical body means getting in touch with your emotional body as well. Most yogis claim that yoga is more than stretching on a mat, that it works to unveil the layers of protection in and around one’s heart. Getting quiet with yourself during meditative practices may bring unresolved emotions to the surface. Warning: this may cause you to cry in public and experience moments of pure bliss. If you prefer to run from your emotions; you should definitely run from yoga.

6. Don’t Even Get Me Started On the Lack of Stress

By practicing meditation and yoga postures, you’ll not only balance your adrenal system to stop the “fight or flight” response from taking over, but you’ll gain emotional intelligence. Becoming more emotionally aware means that you may be able to stop destructive feelings before they begin. However, I’m sure your friends and family love you just fine wound tight and on the verge of an emotional break-down.

7. You Won’t Get Any More Instagram Followers

If putting your leg beside your ear and balancing on your head for impressive photo opportunities is your priority, than yoga training may not be for you. Yoga is about union; a deep connection between your body, breath and mind. When you practice, it becomes more about feeling than performing, experiencing than accomplishing. If the digital world consumes you and prevents you from living in the now, then get back to your Facebook pofile and forget we mentioned anything.

8. Your Body Will Completely Transform

The combination of mindful eating, elimination of stress from your life, and daily physical activity will improve the way all aspects of your body’s performance. You will notice that throughout your practice, your muscles become stronger, leaner, and more flexible. Not to mention the mental training in which you’ll cultivate the willpower to stick with discomfort that arises both on and off the mat.  

9. Who Needs Another Family

You’ll often hear yogis gushing about their extended family; a network of like-minded people with a common aim to eliminate suffering and spread happiness. The bonds formed during a 28-day teacher training are that of purity and authenticity. Maybe it’s the fifteen hours a days of physically enduring and triumphing together, or maybe it’s the fact that these people have seen you in your rawest form; either way, the friendships are unshakable. If you have enough beautiful souls in your life, than your best to stay away from other yogis.

10. You Will Become ‘No Fun’

Yoga puts a serious downer on late nights out and will completely ruin your relationship with anything self-destructive. The more you realize that your body as a temple, the less you’ll want to smoke, drink and partake in recreational drug use. You may even find yourself stepping out of the party before the cops get called in an effort to wake up early for yoga practice. If drunken text messages and next morning regrets are your thing, then completely avoid practicing yoga.

There’s no doubt completing a yoga teacher training will completely change your life. Like all things, without risk there is no reward. So decide for yourself, is this the kind of thing you want to invest your time and energy into?

About author:

Manmohan Singh A yoga enthusiast himself, freelance writer. He loves travelling and believes that ‘knowledge shared is knowledge gained.’  This concept inspired him to set up his own yoga institute in Rishikesh, India and other countries  to spread the message of  yogic sciences. His Yoga school (Rishikul Yogshala) imparts teachings on Yoga and Meditation under guided instructions of traditional yoga teachers. Interact with him through his website:https://www.rishikulyogshala.org

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