Shit Unprofessional Yoga Teachers Say

Amy Ippoliti is one of the most professional yoga teachers I've ever come across in my life, so when I stumbled on her Shit Unprofessional Yoga Teachers Say video on YouTube, I had to watch (even though I had other things to be doing). 

While this video is meant to be funny, it does hold a lot of truth. I have heard some very interesting things from yoga teachers who claim to be pros, but clearly are not. 

Gems like, "I forgot I have a meeting so I have to cancel class," and "This is a beginner's class for people brand new to yoga" and then launching into a 90 minute vinyasa session with bakasana.

Whether you're a yoga teacher yourself or thinking about becoming one, remember it's important to conduct yourself as a professional -- even if it's just a hobby -- or people won't take you seriously.

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