45 Minute Vinyasa Flow with Lesley Fightmaster

This video from our beloved yoga teacher Lesley Fightmaster is a 45 minute vinyasa flow for beginner to intermediate yogis. This will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. If you are a beginner, please rest as much as you like and skip any poses that seem...

Yoga Fun with Abs and Arm Balances by Lesley Fightmaster

In this class, expert yoga teacher Lesley Fightmaster works with you to warm up and tone abdominal muscles and we'll break down and learn Bakasana (Crow or Crane pose). Another arm balance, Eka Pada Koundinyasana (sometimes called scissors) is also included. This...

Total Body Yoga with Tim Senesi

Follow Tim Sensei in a full body yoga workout that is sure to loosen up stiff joints and lengthen tight muscles.

5 Minute Yoga with Brett Larkin

Sometimes, there just is no time for yoga. That's why I created this 5 minute yoga routine for all levels. Because even if you're sick, or late, or having a crisis, you can always find FIVE (just five) minutes to do some yoga, and then your entire day will be SO much...

Mayurasana by YogaVidya

This video demonstrates peacock, an advanced yoga pose. Follow along and see if you can rise to the challenge.

Prenatal Yoga Breathing: Tender Echo (2nd Trimester) by Yogea Art Flow

This Yogea breathing practice is a combination of pranayama, mudra seals, Qi-Gong breathing and Egyptian gestural symbolism. The synching of mindful breathing and body movement frees up the spine to articulate naturally, opens up space in the growing belly and...

Revolved Side Angle with Jodi Blumstein

In this video from YogaGlo, expert yoga teacher Jodi Blumstein shows us how to complete Revolved Side-Angle Pose. While you transition from Warrior I/II to take the twist, remember to keep the back heel firmly planted on the floor.

1 Hour Yin Yoga Class for Flexibility

This is an indulgent, hour long yin yoga class for flexibility! Stretch out your hips, shoulders, hamstrings and low back with this lovely sequence that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and comfortable in your own body. You will need two blocks for this practice and...

Arm-Bind Tuitorial with Sadie Nardini

Want an easier, more efficient way to get into arm-binds? Try out this quick, useful video with Sadie that will help you deepen your holds while stretching and releasing tightness in shoulders and back!

Yoga For Dummies & Complete Beginners: Part 3 with Jen Hilman

In this beginners at home yoga class, Jen Hilman shares a very basic yoga poses for complete beginners. This is basic yoga routine workout designed for weight loss and fat burning. It specifically targets the belly and abs.

Yoga For Dummies & Complete Beginners: Part 1 with Jen Hilman

In this beginners at home yoga class, Jen Hilman shares a very basic yoga poses for complete beginners. These basic stretches are good for relaxation and improve flexibility. This easy 45 minute Yoga class will help with energy. Follow Along with Jen Hilman.
Yoga Tips to Warm Up in Winter

Yoga Tips to Warm Up in Winter

Surprisingly enough, cold weather causes more than just discomfort. Sure, you’re freezing and would do anything to feel the warmth of the sun again, but that wintertime chill is straining your body’s resources, too. Cold weather makes your heart work harder. Blood...

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Mindful Eating Tips for the New Year

Mindful Eating Tips for the New Year

You don’t need anyone to tell you it’s hard to eat healthily during the holidays. From family feasts, to work soirees, to parties with your besties, you’re going to indulge a lot between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Of course, you should never feel bad about the...

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