I started 42Yogis in April 2014 with the intention of spreading yoga to the masses. Yoga has been a wonderful tool for me, and has given me a level of wellness I never thought possible. I have a rare health disorder that manifests as a heart problem. I had heart surgery as a teenager, and for years I wasn’t able to function like a normal person. I couldn’t do anything that required cardio. Then I found yoga in winter of 2013. My life changed. I’ve even been learning how to jog, and play tennis. Two things I never thought possible.

I know I’m not the only person who can achieve such transformation through yoga. I started 42Yogis to help others. 42Yogis is a labour of love, and it was never designed with any intention of being a profit-making enterprise. That being said, 42Yogis does take a considerable amount of time and work to keep online, not to mention the costs associated with the server.

If you love 42Yogis, if I’ve helped you achieve health, please consider sponsoring this website to help keep it online. Sponsorship opportunities are available for:

  • Yoga studios
  • Yoga events
  • Yoga teachers
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  • Wellness products
  • Wellness events
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  • Cookbooks
  • …and more.

I limit advertisements to four advertisements per section of the website as to not suffocate users. Ads will be placed in the right sidebar, in the following categories: yoga, wellness, yoga business, recipes.

See our current statistics and advertising rates by clicking here. When you’re ready to get started, you can email me at ysmay (at) 42yogis.com.

Thank you so much.


<3 Ysmay