For those of you who are new to 42Yogis, I started the site April 2014 as a hobby. It wasn’t a business, but it become one after the traffic exploded and the community grew. 


Over the summer – but largely this past week – I have sent a lot of emails asking the community what they want so I can figure out how I can serve the community better in the end of 2015 and going forward into 2016.


The emails I sent were open-ended. When it comes to polling models, multiple-choice questions are often ineffective indicators of an audience’s wishes. While it’s easier to analyze the data of multiple-choice questions, leaving questions open-ended makes it possible for the participants to say what they’re really thinking. In this case, it made it possible for me to learn what the audience really wants without influence from me swaying them one way or another.


In the interest of transparency, I am sharing the results of my audience survey with you so you can better understand how 42Yogis will be changing in the coming months.




I have multiple newsletter options here at 42Yogis:


  • 7 Days Per Week (Yoga videos ONLY)
  • 5 Days Per Week (Monday-Friday)
  • 3 Days Per Week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Weekly


The majority of people on the daily email list switched to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday list, a strong indicator that people are getting too much email. I have been emailing Monday-Friday because in the beginning that’s what people wanted. People wanted daily updates and if I didn’t send them, they got cranky. 


But it seems the audience has evolved. I will deprecate the Monday through Friday updates, and email only Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then offer a weekend recap. This will allow me to deliver content in line with what the audience wants. This will also allow me to give higher quality content on a regular basis. 




There were three things people wanted more than anything else:


1. Inspirational posts.


People wanted more inspirational quotes on social media, on the 42Yogis website, and even in blog posts. I will be posting a Monday Mindset post every week to get you ready for the week ahead. This will include an inspirational quote image, and some editorial content.


2. Premium content.


While nobody used the words “Premium Content,” a number of people did ask for multiple types of high-quality paid content. I’m grouping those requests here. 


Premium content requested: 


  • Yoga courses: paid courses that focus on one aspect of yoga to really enhance one’s practice. Digital workshops, if you will.
  • Meditation courses: a paid meditation course that one can take and get value from regardless of religious affiliation.
  • Yoga business membership site: Instead of a yoga business school a la, a membership site where one can take yoga business courses and meet other yoga teachers.

I have to admit, the yoga business membership site was a surprise. I have been building a Yoga Business School, thinking what would be best for students is the ability to take only the courses they want and only when they get around to it. No pressure, right? I was totally wrong. Community members want the accountability and support that comes with a membership site instead of courses in the Udemy format.


“I want to be held accountable, and that isn’t an option if I take a course on Udemy.” said one yoga teacher.


3. Audio content.


This also really surprised me. A lot of people in the 42Yogis community wanted more audio. They learn through listening and they’re interested in listening to their content instead of just reading it. While I couldn’t do audio for every single post that comes out, I could do a weekly podcast. This will take some thought because I have two audiences I serve: yoga business and yoga lifestyle.


In the coming week I will have a strategy in place to tackle the majority of these areas and make sure I’m really serving the community. Thank you to everybody who has responded to the emails and chatted with me about 42Yogis!