The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide 

The holiday season is upon us, with all its stress and all its chaos. The 42Yogis Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide is back for the third year and is designed to take out some of the stress. This curated guide offers a wide range of yoga and meditation products for every yogi on your shopping list. 

I have been working on the Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide for months, carefully selecting products. You will find there are only products here that I actually recommend. There are some products that made the cut for the last two or three years, and they’re back again because they’re totally awesome and I’ve used them this whole time. 

Happy Holidays!

YogDev Yoga Wheel

This yoga wheel single handedly saved my back this month. While I am a yoga teacher, most of my business is online, so I do spend a lot of time every day in front of a computer…especially in the last two months of the year when I’m planning for the year to come. Between sitting at my computer and all the travel I’ve done this year, my back has been a little tight…even though I do a lot of yoga.

This wheel is made by YogDev; a company that makes yoga mats and towels in addition to wheels. The YogDev Yoga Wheel is a strong PVC wheel with a cushy covering. It’s 12” in diameter, and has a thick mat-like covering that provides comfort. You can use the wheel to enter into a number of different poses. My favourites are bridge, and double pigeon. Within the first 30 minutes of using the YogDev Yoga Wheel the tightness in my back was gone. I’m completely hooked.

Price: $40

Buy It Now:

Yoga Cards

Ok, these things are totally cool. I had no idea what to expect when I first heard of them, but once I started playing with them I was hooked. Yoga Cards are plastic cards about the size of tarot cards that are designed to help you with sequencing.

Each pose card has a number on it, and there are sequence cards that tell you which pose card to pull out, and then you flow through the sequence. You can also build your own sequence, and the deck will guide you through that as well. Each pose card will also instruct you on how to do each pose. WorkoutLabs Yoga Cards are a portable, offline way to build your practice without the distractions of technology.

Price: $28

Buy It Now: Workout Labs

Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme Yoga Mat

I didn’t think there was such a thing as the damned-near perfect yoga mat until I used this one. The Liforme mat is amazing. The ornate lines you see help guide the yogi into poses and out of poses using their one-of-a-kind alignment system. Experienced yogi? No problem. The lines are also beautiful and decorative. The yoga mat is made out of natural rubber and is quite sticky. My hands sweat during a power yoga class, and I do not slip on this mat whatsoever. I’m hooked, and I promise you (or the yogi on your shopping list) will be too.

Price: $140

Buy It Now: Liforme

Mama Kuka YogaSphere Yoga Straps

Mama Kuka Yoga Straps

In the two years I’ve been using the YogaSphere I’ve fallen even more and more in love. The YogaSphere pro kit is a set of straps in various sizes. The straps make it easier for you to reach poses, and it makes it easier for you to bind in poses, holding a pose longer than you might be able to without the strap.

Since the straps are in various sizes, you can start out using a longer strap, and as you get more proficient in the pose, work your way down to a smaller strap.

These straps worked really well in binding too. When I go into bound revolved side angle my hands tend to slip, and I can’t hold the pose long enough. These straps make a big difference. The straps are textured and are very easy to hang on it.

Price: $34.99

Buy It Now: Mama Kuka

Manduka Pro Mat

Manduka Pro

I’m a huge fan of the Manduka mats. My Manduka has been with me for years, and it never disappoints. It’s very thick and heavy, so it’s not the ideal travel mat, but it’s cushy, which is great for people who have knee issues. Bonus: Enter the code 42YOGIS at checkout to receive an additional 10% off your order.

Price: $124

Buy it Now: Manduka

Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yummy smelling lavender mint yoga mat cleaner

Keep your practice gear clean with this all natural mat spray. You will actually look forward to chaturanga after you spray your yoga mat with a cleaner that smells fantastic and is a cinch to carry in your bag.

Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential oils are in every type of mat spray sold and are naturally antibacterial and antiviral. Spray on and wipe clean.

Lavender Mint is a calming blend of fresh Lavender and invigorating Peppermint.

Price: $10

Buy It Now:

ROWVE Yoga Sling Bag

This Yoga Sling Bag is pure genius

This yoga bag is pure genius. I had my reservations when I first heard of it, but my questions all disappeared the first time I used it. This bag has a waterproof lining and an outside zipper compartment that helps keep your dry belongings away from your wet belongings after hot yoga class. It really is a brilliant idea.

Any hot yoga practitioner knows how yucky and wet their mat gets after hot yoga, and it’s awfully irritating to try to find a way to keep your dry stuff (money, keys, phone) away from the ickiness. This bag is the solution.

Price: $73

Buy It Now: Rowve

Buddha Watercolour Print

Buddha Wall Art

I absolutely love this vibrant Buddha print. Printed on quality matte archival paper with archival inks. It is available in a variety of sizes to best fit your interior. Great for any room – from the office to the nursery.

Price: $12

Buy It Now: Etsy

Lotus Wall Hanging

Lotus Wall Hanging

I love this lotus wall hanging! It’s a beautiful yet subtle reminder in the living room, studio, or office of the calm and serenity that comes from living a yogic life. 

Price: $40

Buy It Now: Society 6

Yoga Mat Holder

This is one of the most clever things I’ve seen while researching this gift guide. A little home for all your mats and props when not being used. Allowing it to blend eclectically with your decor, while also giving the subtle reminder to take to your practice…take to your mat. 

Price: $75

Buy It Now: Etsy

Hand Thrown Om Mug

Hand Thrown Om Mug

Have your morning cup of tea or coffee in this beautiful handcrafted mug. Made with white stoneware clay and thrown on the wheel. Every mug is unique and the cascade of colors created when dipped in the turquoise and brown glazes will be what makes your mug special. The Om symbol is on both sides of the mug.

Price: $32

Buy It Now: Etsy

Upcycled Yoga Magnets

These magnets are made out of recycled bottle caps, and are the perfect gift for any yogi who is short on space, and trying not to bring more large items into their home.

Price: $9

Buy It Now: Etsy

Buddha Bookend Set

Buddha Bookends

I’m a book lover and a Buddhist, so I don’t have to tell you how much I absolutely love these bookends. A contemplative addition to every library or office.

Price: $24.95

Buy It Now: Pier 1

Namaste, Bitches Meditation Candle

Namaste Bitches

This candle is the perfect meditation accessory for any saucy yogi.

Price: $18

Buy It Now: Etsy is my new favourite website. Using’s audios you can improve your focus, or relaxation. Their audios are based on the science of brain entrainment, and are designed to help your brain match different frequencies. Their meditation audios are wildly helpful in achieving a more peaceful, relaxed state. They even have guided meditations for those who need a little help along the way.

Price: $6.95/mo

Buy It Now:

Chocolate Turquoise Mandala Zafu
Handmade Chocolate Meditation Zafu

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable posture in meditation which can leave you losing your train of thought. Fortunately, a wise person invented the Zafu. Zafus are used to achieve optimal positioning and comfort during a meditation session. This particular Zafu is handmade to order out of organic buckwheat.

Price: $52.51
Buy It Now: Etsy

Buddha Board

Buddha Board makes a great holiday gift

The first time I used a Buddha Board was 7 years ago in California, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Using a brush and water you “paint” on the board, and as the water dries, the design disappears. The Buddha Board is a meditative experience and a lesson in impermanence. 

Price: $35

Buy It Now: Amazon

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Desire Map Day Planner

Desire Map Day Planner 2017 

I love the Desire Map Day Planner. This will be the 3rd year I’ve used it. This day planner is like no others. This day planner helps you be mindful, reflective, honest, optimistic, on time, and organized. Finally there is a day planner that perfectly melds your spiritual and literal to-do lists.

Designed by Danielle LaPorte, this planner will guide you through your work life, personal life, and goals by evaluating your feelings, gratitude, and plans for change. 

Price: $44
Buy It Now: Danielle LaPorte

Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice

This book by yogi Baron Baptiste is a NY Times Best Seller. Diving deep into the true nature of yoga, this book is a must-have for any yogi looking to grow their practice and make an impact in their lives.

Price: $13

Buy It Now: Amazon

Simple Recipes for Joy by Sharron Gannon

Simple Recipes for Joy by Sharon Gannon is the new standard in vegan cuisine. |

This awesome book by Sharron Gannon, founder of Jivamukuti yoga, is full of delicious vegan recipes that are SO good, you wouldn’t notice they’re vegan.  Sharon has done an amazing job at setting the new standard for vegan cuisine. This book is a must have for any Jivamukti yoga practitioner.

Price: $29

Buy It Now: Amazon


Namaslay Book

A clever and insightful look into how to rock your yoga practice, yogini Candace Moore (of Yoga By Candace fame) teaches you how to defy your limits and achieve greatness both on and off the mat.

Price: $27

Buy It Now: Amazon

Tricycle Membership

Tricycle Membership is a great Yoga Gift

Established in 1990 as a not-for-profit educational organization, The Tricycle Foundation is dedicated to making Buddhist teachings and practices broadly available. In 1991 the Foundation launched Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, the first magazine intended to present Buddhist perspectives to a Western readership.

I am a huge fan of Tricycle, and use it as a way to stay up to date on what’s going on in Buddhism today. You can give a Tricycle membership easily. It makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in Buddhism.

Price: $35

Buy It Now:

Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine Subscription

Gift the Gift of Mantra Magazine
Just as Sharon Gannon is setting a new standard for vegan cuisine, Mantra Yoga + Health is setting a new standard for yoga publications. Going beyond the typical routine of best yoga poses for back pain relief, Mantra focuses on holistic lifestyle, including yoga, conscious living, mindfulness, and connecting with nature.

Price:  $35

Buy It Now: Mantra Mag

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Spiral Chakra Earrings

Spiral Chakra Earrings by Heaven Lane Creations

This light as a feather chakra earring set has a Kundalini style spiral of silver signifying the upward movement of prana. Stylish and meaningful. Made with love by a yoga teacher.

Price: $25

Buy It Now:

Mala and Mantra Malas

The Perfect Mala

I have never seen malas so beautiful and expertly handcrafted. 


Consciously crafted and designed with intention each mala is more beautiful than the last. Designed by chronic entrepreneur Judith Compton, Mala and Mantra’s malas are intended to nurture the soul and inspire you to chant, meditate, or breathe, all while cultivating deeper relaxation. The lines include Moda Mala, Chakra Gemstone, Mantra Gemstone, and the all new I Am Cabo line.


I have the Rosewood Mala with Tassels in orange from the Moda Mala line. The rosewood is sourced in from the Philippines Rosewood tree. This mala feels delicate, yet is so well crafted I have no fear of damaging it while I use it. In fact, just last night this mala helped me keep my cool in traffic.


I also have the Green Aventurine wrist mala from the Chakra Mala line. This mala has delicate and tasteful aventurine stones and a charm inscribed with “Anahata” — the heart chakra. The heart chakra is associated with balance and serenity. 


Each mala comes on a card, nestled inside a drawstring bag. The card describes the mala, and includes a mantra to recite.

Price: Varies

Buy It Now: Mala and Mantra

Sivana Spirit Headband

Sivana Spirit Headband

The Sivana Spirit Diety Mantra Headband is the one of only headbands that actually holds my hair in place during down dog, and it’s been doing so daily for nearly 3 years. The elastic still holds up. I never thought I would find a headband that has the yoga-theme going on, and also doesn’t move around.

Lightweight 100% cotton gauze, handprinted with your favorite deities and their traditional Sanskrit mantras! Headband measures approximately 21 inches with added stretch from hidden elastic. Comes in a variety of flattering colors to match all your moods or chakras.

Price: $12

Buy It Now: Sivana Spirit

Elephant Pants

Elephant Yoga Pants are a great yoga gift! $18 |

The Elephant Pants are gorgeous harem style yoga pants that are all printed in elephants. It all started with a print to Thailand, September 2013.

Elephant Pants are created in a small, family-owned factory located in Chang Mai. The factory is and will always remain sweat-shop-free and provide an above-average wage for their workers. In addition to providing a living wage for workers in Chang Mai, $1 from each purchase of these pants goes to support elephant rescue.

Price: $18

Buy It Now: The Elephant Pants

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Chakra Stacking Rings

Handmade Chakra Stacking Rings

Set of 7 hammered sterling silver chakra rings. These are beautiful worn all together on one finger, or separated and worn on multiple fingers. The stones are all natural stones, measuring 3mm round. Stones are: ruby, carnelian, citrine, emerald, sapphire, iolite, and amethyst.

Bands are approximately 2mm in width, and the entire stack measures 14mm wide. However, when worn all together on the same finger, they measure about 16 to 17mm, about 5/8″ inch.

Each set is handmade, and sizes 7, 8, and 9 are available during the holiday season. Custom sizes are available, but the order needs to be placed by early December.

Price: $119

Buy It Now:

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Nicobella Vegan Chocolates

Ginger Green Tea Truffles

It’s like a chocolate party in your mouth without the guilt! These vegan chocolates are to die for. Handmade in Atlanta, Georgia, Nicobella Organic Chocolates are sweetly satisfying without a lot of sugar. The perfect indulgence after a day of teaching yoga.

Price: $12.95

Buy It Now: Nicobella

Go Raw Snacks

Go Raw Snacks

The perfect snacks for the yogi on the go, Go Raw snacks are made without additives or baking. These snacks are designed with the raw foodie in mind. Even though I am not a raw foodie, I love the Go Raw Snacks. Their sprouted lemon cookies are amaaaaaaazing, and a nice little indulgance after class. 

Their raw chocolates are impressive. Consisting of cacao and agave, the chocolates are so rich and decadent only a small piece is enough to satisfy even the biggest chocolate craving.

Price: Varies

Buy It Now: Go Raw

Yummy Yogi Cookie Cutters

Yoga Cookie Cutters make the perfect holiday gift!

These cookie cutters are so freakin’ cute I don’t even have words for it. You can make your own yoga-themed Christmas cookies, and decorate them to your heart’s content. (This company also makes a cute yoga cutting board.)

Price: $40 for a set, or $8.50 each.
Buy It Now:

Vegan Chocolate Chakra Box

Vegan Chocolate Chakra Box

All natural, dairy-free, 70% dark vegan chocolate truffles. Seven flavors correlating to each of the seven energy centers with beautiful yantra designs on each truffles. Flavors include chai, tangerine, ginger/lemongrass, green tea, peppermint, pomegranate, and honey/vanilla.

Price: $30

Buy It Now:

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Tree Pose Christmas Ornament

These simple ornaments are a great gift or addition to a treasured collection! Each ornament is made by women artists at Iron Maid Art, a small business that focuses on local, sustainable and recycled metal arts. 

Price: $10

Buy It Now: Etsy

Yoga Mat Christmas Ornament

Yoga Mat Christmas Tree Ornament

Yoga Mat Christmas Ornament makes an adorable addition to your holiday decorations. After Christmas, hang it from your rear view mirror in your car! This ornament is 100% handmade. Color of straps will vary, just slightly, with supply availability. The mat measures 2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. It will even look good on a small tree. 

Price: $15

Buy It Now: Etsy

Buddhi Box

Buddhi Box

Price: $30+

Buy It Now: Buddhi Boxes

Awake: the Life of Yogananda

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is an unconventional biography about Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. Paramahansa Yogananda authored the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, which has sold millions of copies worldwide and is a go-to book for seekers, philosophers, and yoga enthusiasts today. (Apparently, it was the only book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad.) By personalizing his own quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path, Yogananda made ancient Vedic teachings accessible to a modern audience, attracting many followers and inspiring the millions who practice yoga today.

Price: $25.95

Buy It Now: Amazon

Badger Balm Yoga and Meditation Balm

Badger Balm: Yoga and Meditation

Just as the noble trees are deep rooted in the ground, this exclusive blend works to bring a deep rooted centering and grounding experience, essential to the practice Yoga and Meditation.

The scents of Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Myrrh are used in both Eastern and Western traditions to support the practice of meditation by inspiring a mood of reverence and calm centeredness. Cedarwood sharpens the mind, and the citrus essential oils of Mandarin and Litsea Cubeba create a cheerful state of peaceful awareness.

This is the balm I use in my practice. The scents are calming and centering without being overpowering or jarring to my fellow classmates.

Price: $7.99

Buy It Now: Amazon

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Did I miss an awesome gift? Let me! Drop me an email, and I’ll add a user-curated section to the guide!