Prenatal Yoga Breathing: Tender Echo (2nd Trimester) by Yogea Art Flow

This Yogea breathing practice is a combination of pranayama, mudra seals, Qi-Gong breathing and Egyptian gestural symbolism. The synching of mindful breathing and body movement frees up the spine to articulate naturally, opens up space in the growing belly and...

Crow to Tripod Sequence with Lesley Fightmaster

In this great class from Lesley Fightmaster she focuses on the transition from crow to tripod and back to crow. This is a challenging class. Hit pause if you need to and take it a bit slower.

Abundance Meditation Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster

Join Lesley Fightmaster in this guided meditation for abundant growth and transformation.

15 Minute Yoga Class for a Beach Tummy with Gina Hardy

Core strength is important to support your structure and posture. Do this sequence daily for fit abs within a few weeks. Listen to your body and let it lead your practise. Enjoy! x

Yoga Quickie For Shoulder Stand With Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga quickie for shoulder stand. Please get two blankets and a block if you have them. If not, use some kind of support when you can feel stable with your head on the floor and your shoulders elevated. This will give space for your neck so that there’s no compression. If you experience any pain […]

Yoga Quickie: Get Grounded with Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga Quickie: Get Grounded is a quick flow to get us feeling stable and connected. This is a great class if you're feeling tired or lonely. Also, if it's very windy or cold, this class will also help you to feel more secure and stable.

Yoga Quickie for a Headstand with Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga Quickie for a Headstand is a fast class that shows how to do a headstand and reasons why you shouldn’t. I was receiving a lot of comments from people about their headstands and if they were doing the pose correctly, so I made this class to be sure that everyone who practices headstand does […]

Yoga Quickie for Office Workers with Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga quickie for Office Workers is great for anyone who does a lot of sitting. Practice this quick routine before or after work...or if you can find a place during lunch or a break, you can easily fit it in then!

Beginners Yoga Sun Salutations with Gillian

Learn the basic Yoga Sun Salutation flow with me, guided by my favorite Yogini, Gillian. Gillian is a Nutritionist & a Yoga Instructor & here's where you can find her online or attend a class at her beautiful Nyood Yoga Studio in Toronto:♥ Gillian's Yoga Studio...