A Victory has Been Won for Colorado Yoga Teachers

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Republican Sen. Owen Hill doing crow. Photo courtesy of Sen. Andy Kerr

A victory has been won for yoga teachers in Colorado. The Colorado State Senate Education Committee approved a bill exempting yoga teacher training from vocational regulations that govern other vocations like dog grooming.

Yoga teacher training is expensive and there is no guarantee of full-time employment for those who do complete their yoga teacher training. The state certification fees for vocational regulations begin at $1,750. This is in addition to their teacher training certification and any business startup fees they may have incurred.

“For most, yoga isn’t a profession; it’s a passion,” said Colorado State Senator Laura Woods, R-Arvada. “For years, the yoga teacher training schools have been operating without government intervention. In all those years, we do not know of a single complaint against the yoga teacher training schools.”

Senator Woods sponsored the bipartisan bill exempting yoga teacher training from the state vocational regulations, which was unanimously approved. The bill has since moved to the Colorado State Senate Appropriations Committee.

In celebration, Owen Hill R-Colorado Springs, busted out an awesome crow pose on the desk before the Senate Education Committee in Denver and the two dozen yoga teachers who showed up in support of the bill.

Photo Courtesy of Sen. Andy Kerr


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