Anti-Depression Yoga Routine by Yogea

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Anti-Depression Yoga Routine by Yogea

This open Yogea sequence focuses on mood enhancing poses that give the body a natural boost of vitality and supply the mind with its needed dose of optimism and life-affirming vows. Starting from the serenity of child’s pose practitioners are asked to “zone out” instead of “tuning in.”

The emphasis is on moving the body through the breath and promoting circulation by a combination of energizing Sun and grounding moon salutes. Backbends are then slowly introduced to unzip the chest and pump fresh blood into the inter-vertebral discs. Modified standing and sitting poses alternate with deep twists to unleash energetic clogs in the lower abdominal area and help release fear and anxiety. Targeted inversions exert a calming and pacifying effect stimulating the secretion of relaxing hormones, as circulation increases thus reducing potential insomnia or anxiety.

The sequence culminates with a modified headstand that reverses the flow of gravity and oxygenates the brain, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and leading to relaxation. Finally, a soothing inversion of “legs up the wall” is held to induce a state of tranquility and wholeness.

The sequence ends with a tapping practice utilizing the practitioner’s own source of healing energy to energize the organs and help bring the senses outwards so that every practitioner could pave their own unique way to a meaningful life full of joy and a sense of sharing and appreciation.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced 30-45 Minutes


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