Ask Candace a Yoga Question – Episode 5

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This is a series on my blog where I answer readers’ yoga questions. This week’s questions:

1. “I have been practising yoga for 3 years, I don’t practise every day, just 2 times a week, but I do exercise every day. My goal is Scorpion Pose, but it looks muuuch easier than it actually is! So instead of Scorpion Pose I am now practising forearm stand. At the beginning I could neither get my legs up nor hold the posture for few seconds. I am working on it and I have already strengthened my shoulders, back and abdominals to get my butt and legs up, but now I don’t know how to hold the stability. Which muscles should I engage the most? How far away should my forearms be? Is it correct to keep practicing against the wall until I get more confidence? Should I arch my torso? I sometimes feel the tension between my shoulder blades, is it okay? I would really appreciate your tutorial how to get into this pose and how to improve it.”

2. “Hi Candace! I cannot sit comfortably in a squat with both feet planted on the floor. I can’t seem to bend my ankles much more than 90° (my hips aren’t tight, by the way – I do lots of hip openers). Could you please recommend exercises or poses to increase ankle flexibility? Or is this an anatomical problem? Thank you!”

3. “So I am working on the 31 day strength project and my chosen strength is a supported headstand. It is coming along nicely, but now I want to fine tune my core strength and posture. When I am going into the supported headstand, I walk my feet until my hips are above my shoulders, but I notice that my upper back is pretty rounded and my lower back as well. Basically, I can’t get my hips/ butt to straighten until I kick my feet up (I have been videoing myself and I have seen progress). I am wondering, how do I get my upper back and my lower back to straighten? Am I tight in my lower back or my hips maybe? I am also pretty weak in the core so I am sure that has something to do with it. Thanks!”


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