Day 58 of Lesley Fightmaster’s Yoga Fix 90

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Day 58 of Lesley Fightmaster's Yoga Fix 90

A note from Lesley

Yoga Creative Flow with Shireen and me is a fun flow filled with challenging poses that will give you lots of strength and balance. Thank you to Shireen for creating and filming this class while I was leading a women’s yoga retreat in Isla Mujares, Cancun.

Thank you for all of your support in helping us with our mission to get yoga to as many people as possible around the globe. We think that more people practicing yoga will make the world an even better place! Please tell all of your friends! Another way to support our mission is to visit and to click the “Amazon” link on the top right of our home page. If you order anything through Amazon, going through our link doesn’t cost you anything but it helps to support us!! Lots of love to you! xoxo, Lesley

Balance Core Inversions Sequences Yoga Fix 90

Intermediate 20-30 Minutes


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