Decoding the Recent Trend of Doing Yoga with Animals

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Image of Goat Yoga by Goat Yoga. Goat yoga created by Lainey Morse.

They say, with few enthusiast bunch of people, trends can spread quicker than fire. However when it is ‘Yoga with Animals’ it took us 5,000 years back.

Lately, have you been seeing lots of people Instagraming themselves doing yoga with animals? Don’t be surprised. No one’s gone crazy. They just have realized something that yogis have known for years. In the presence of cute, little furry creatures, you get more from your Asanas, particularly in this digital age.

Animals and Yoga: A history going way back

Did you know it is often claimed that animals were the first to perform yoga? It is human who started imitating them to connect with nature, gain their skills and powers and for spiritual enlightenment.

Now one can’t really be sure of that theory. But to think SO many poses or Asanas named after animals—that can’t really all be a coincidence, can they?

Lion (Simhasana), Peacock (Mayurasana), Eagle (Garudasana), Horse (Vatayanasana), Frog (Bhekasana), Monkey (Hanumanasana), Dog (Adho mukha śvānāsana) and so many more.

‘Animal Yoga’ is a surging trend… and we couldn’t be happier.

Like we didn’t already have enough fun pooch and kitten-time, now we have even more reasons to play with these little furry friends. And the best part? No more is it a pass-time; it is supposed to be beneficial.

Social Media platforms are already bombarded with pictures of people trying out yoga poses with their pets. And who doesn’t love their furry friends?

Even many yoga studios across USA and worldwide have emerged that are practicing Animal Yoga—lighter and sweat-less asanas with pets around- whether it is strolling, cuddling and doing all kinds of cute little things- it is creating a rippling effect over the internet.

Lululemon Pants? Nah… Buy a goat instead.

Last month, Lainey Morse posted pictures online of her doing Yoga with goats and it instantly captured everyone’s attention. Morse is a yoga instructor from Oregon and in her class, animals wander around freely, mingling and cuddling with the practitioners. The idea behind this is that it is difficult to stay sad and depressed with adorable goats jumping around you and wanting to sit on your lap.

“My goats are very social and friendly animals and love to interact with people. Animals are known to have so many health benefits for humans as well, so the mix of goats and yoga seemed to fit,” Ms. Morse says.

She even has plans of opening goat retreats in the future.

A trend to stay or just a fad? The real benefits decoded.

Having animals around makes us happy and much healthier. In fact, even researches have suggested that pet ownership reduces the risks of asthma, allergies and other cardiovascular diseases. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

They keep us active

Running after them everywhere—where are they, have they eaten, where did they poop—all these keeps us active and on our toes, which indirectly keep us fit, healthy and positive.

They (really) enlighten us

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. And while it may not look like a la-la-land all the time, the whole experience surely teaches us a lot of things; from helping us develop empathy and self-esteem to making us see ‘happiness’ in little things.

They boost our confidence

With more social interaction (the conversation usually picks with “aw, look at that little…”), better self-esteem, less stress, and overall positive emotions flow and obviously you get to meet your new, confident self. And with more confidence, you can achieve much more!

Pets make us happier, which improves our health (and life).

Practicing yoga with furry little ones isn’t as surprising as the online publications (and gossip websites) has had you believe. It’s just another amazing and fun way to lighten things up and make our lives a tad happier without even any over-the-top effort.

More pets, less smartphones.

Aside all the mentioned benefits, particularly in this digital age, having pets around us most of the time is kind of a big escape from the Smartphone-syndrome (exception: selfies).

For few moments, however small, we forget we have notifications to check, emails to reply and celebrities’ gossips to read (how important is that!).

And this all contributes positively into our psychological and physical health.

No wonder signs reading “More pets, less smartphone” outside yoga classes are sweeter than “Please switch off your phone”, which frankly very few people really pay heed to.

If you aren’t already a part of this amazing trend of doing yoga with animals, it might be time to jump on the bandwagon.

Author Bio: Ricky Samuels is a decade-long yoga practitioner, yoga clothing store owner who blogs often on lifestyle, health and productivity.


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