Fat-Burning Advanced Yoga Routine by Yogea ArtFlow

by May 7, 201720-30 minutes, Free Yoga Videos0 comments

This fat-burning Yogea routine is especially intended for advanced practitioners. Standing, twisting, forward & back-bending, and arm-balancing poses alternate in a fast-paced flow to channel life force through the body.

The poses are sequenced to culminate into arm-balancing twists and nurturing hip openers that allow transformation and renewal. The sequence builds strength, resilience and a solid center. It tones all muscle groups focusing on the core and cultivating stability and a sense of balance.

As the poses progress gradually from simpler to more complex, the glandular system gets a boost and the life-sustaining organs purify and regenerate functionality and flow. The flow honors all four directions and hones the quality of coordination, spatial placement and kinetic recall. The postural alignment is improved through isometric and isotonic contractions and the tendons and ligaments are maintained through resistance stretching.

The routine creates a sense of anchoring and steadiness that allows practitioners to keep both physically and mentally fit.


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