How to Practice Backbends Safely with Lesley Fightmaster

How to practice backbends safely. It’s important to keep the spine safe while we practice our backbends. Backbends are really about creating extension in the spine and stretching or opening the front of the body.

The lower back (lumbar spine) is very bendy so it’s easier to injure.

The middle back (thoracic) is very dense and difficult to move, so many times the lower back over arches and is prone to injury.

Plus, we need to stretch out the hip flexors (where the thighs connect to the torso) and that part of the body is tight from sitting….tightness in the hip flexors also leads to compression in the lower back. And, many of us are tight in the shoulders and they also need to be warmed up and educated before attempting deep back bends. This video addresses all of the areas of concern so we can move safely into backbends. As always, practice at your own pace and if you experience any pain, stop! 🙂

Back Balance Core Poses

5-10 Minutes