Intestinal health Yoga Routine: Healthy Gut from Yogea

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Intestinal health Yoga Routine: Healthy Gut from Yogea

This Yogea sequence integrates special breathing to balance the PH levels in the body with targeted asanas for promoting intestinal health. The iconic yogic “nauli” breath massages the gastrointestinal tract and improves detoxification and digestion. Contracted twists on all fours open up the spine and kneeling bound lunges stretch the hips, while massaging the stomach walls. Standing twists and externally rotated twisted poses further massage the intestines and squeeze toxins out from the ascending colon to speed up digestion and elimination.

Leg wraps and various arm binds binds are coupled with gluteus stretches and seated spinal twists and forward leans to further rinse the gut and restore alkalinity of the flora. Supine poses followed by stomach pressing and twisted reclining backbends purify the liver, spleen and kidneys and stretch the rectus abdominals so that the gut is cleansed and replenished. An active rocking restores the qi-flow through the whole body and ushers you in a state of relaxation and guided visualization that focuses on clearing and restoring balance.

Arms Core Legs Sequences Twists Vinyasa

Beginner Intermediate Advanced 20-30 Minutes


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