Morning Yoga Routine by Yogea

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Morning Yoga Routine by Yogea

This fast-paced morning Yogea sequence is especially designed to warm up the entire body, stretching the ligaments and tendons, lubricating the joints, toning the muscles and massaging the organs. The poses are intentionally held shorter, so that a sense of flow is generated and the body receives a total boost. The practice starts with a couple of Qi-Gong exercises to anchor into the center and warm up the hamstrings, shoulders and back.

Modified Sun Salutes alternating between externally rotated and neutrally tilted poses stabilize the core and increase flexibility in motion. Hip and shoulder openers pave way for deeper glute stretches and bound spinal twists. The quads are simultaneously stretched and toned as the sides of the waist are elongated. Plane and weight shifts facilitate smooth transitions and create a sense of fluid roots. Moderate backbends stretch the spine and open the heart, and deep twists massage the inner organs to release the toxic residue from the night.

Gentle inversions awaken the circulatory flow and oxygenate the brain. The sequence does not offer a wind-down or a relaxation pose at the end. It ends in a standing mountain pose to encourage the practitioner to be present and awake.

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Beginner 30-45 Minutes


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