Prenatal Yoga Breathing: Tender Echo (2nd Trimester) by Yogea Art Flow

by Nov 1, 201710-20 minutes, Free Yoga Videos3 comments

This Yogea breathing practice is a combination of pranayama, mudra seals, Qi-Gong breathing and Egyptian gestural symbolism. The synching of mindful breathing and body movement frees up the spine to articulate naturally, opens up space in the growing belly and releases stiffness in the joints. The sacred imagery helps refine the inner vision and connect to archetypal wisdom and the principle of divine femininity.

The Qi-Gong breathing amplifies the electromagnetic sheath and brings more vital energy and flow in the baby’s growing body. The gestural codes or mudras help seal the energy in the body and regenerate the organs to heal naturally. The creative visualization at the end journeys you into the mystery of motherhood and devotion and allows you to feel the power from bearing and nurturing life.


  1. Jessie

    Thanks for this vidoe. I didn’t know how much I woujld love yoga during my pregnancy!

  2. sheryl j.

    Hi I get your emails but not for a while. is it me?

    • 42Yogis

      Nope! We paused while revamping the site. ^_^ They’re going to start coming again soon.


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