“Third Eye” Opening Yoga Routine by Yogea

This Yogea sequence integrates “mudra” “asana” and acupressure points to stimulate the pineal gland and elicit immediate insight and lucid vision. Kneeling poses alternate with semi-inversions, while forward-bending variations are integrated within the standing poses to invoke a more introspective experience.

Third-eye opening mudras are especially introduced within the poses to promote clarity and unleash intuition. The routine encourages the body to crest and dip – like a wave as it is led to explore strengthening, pacifying, invigorating, and releasing poses.

Gentle inversions that promote circulation and elicit the relaxation response make for the “icing of the cake.” The introspective flow urges students to track the process of setting an intention into the heart and manifesting it through the third eye. It has both a soothing and a contemplative effect and allows you to build your vision by nurturing the qualities of inner guidance and intuition.

Balance Hips Inversions Sequences Standing

Beginner 10-20 Minutes