What music do you om to?

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What do you listen to when you yoga? Join the collaborative playlist! | 42Yogis.com

If I’m awake, I’m listening to music, and what I listen to depends entirely on my mood and what I hope to accomplish. If I am making art, I listen to hip hop. If I feel like being silly, I listen to 90s country. If I want to relax, I listen to jazz. If I want to write poetry, I listen to downtempo chill.

But what about yoga? What should I listen to when I do yoga? When I started doing yoga, this is something that tormented me for weeks.

I listen to a lot of differentthings. Lately I’ve been listening to Fedde Le Grand’s set from Ultra Miami. Sometimes I listen to Michael Franti. Othertimes I listen to John Coltrane.

After hours of research about what other people listen to during yoga, I found out that, well, it depends!

There are sites out there who say you have to listen to a certain style of music to get the most out of yoga, but if you’re truly going to make yoga a personalized experience, then shouldn’t your music also be personalized?

I’ve met yogis who listen to rock, country, pop, funk, disco, jazz, and much more. I thought it would be fun to put together a Spotify playlist of what we all define as Yoga Music.

Join the social experiment and add your yoga music to this collaborative playlist!

If you’re not on Spotify, don’t worry! Leave a comment below with your favourite yoga songs, and I’ll add them to the list.


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