Yoga: 3 Ways it Empowers your Body and your Soul

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After hundreds of years in existence, yoga continues to gain a consistent following of loyal members. Between yoga studios popping in different cities and online class offerings, many people are learning the benefits of yoga and spreading the word. For those who still need a little convincing, yoga truly empowers the mind, body and soul. Consider these benefits of yoga and see if they appeal to any personal needs.

1. Yoga clears the mind.

After a long, stressful day at work, it may be easy to go home, turn on the TV, order take out and pass out until the next day to do it all over again. Many who have fallen into this trap realize how unfulfilling it is. Sure, it may feel momentarily beneficial. However, it’s just not a healthy way to unwind. Pulling out a mat at home to practice a few moves and stillness literally clears the mind of its worries. Within a few minutes, a person can totally compartmentalize the stress from work, leave it at the office and create an atmosphere of peace within their home. Sure, it takes a while to build up this ability. However, meditation and stillness are both worth the effort because of how much the disciplines carry over into other facets of life.

2. Yoga increases flexibility.

Have you ever noticed how stretching before you go to work out drastically improves how you exercise? What about doing stretches after you exercise? If you don’t do this before and after a long hard work out, then you should as it will make your body feel better later. The same could be said for doing yoga exercises before and after a good work out. You will feel amazing! The human body is finely crafted. Most people never really explore their own physical capabilities to the maximum. The ability to deeply breathe and stretch into various positions requires focus, discipline and flexibility. Flexibility helps the blood flow properly to the muscles and increases the ability to perform regular exercises and weight training well because of the full-range of motion in the joints.

3. Yoga encourages discipline.

If a person wants to begin yoga, they must stick with it in order to see long-term changes. This requires discipline. Inner Engineering is an online course with glowing reviews from the likes of Donna Karan and Arianna Huffington. Students of this course love the results they experience, but it is a seven-session course. In order to get through the seven session course, a person will develop a sense of discipline to stick with it even when they may not feel like. For a person who never finishes anything, this type of discipline will help them respect themselves more and pursue other projects because of the discipline they were able to build.

When a person truly gets into the regular, consistent practice, they’re never the same. The empowering benefits are priceless and life-changing. Because of this, it is important to get started with a yoga practice for overall health today.


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