Yoga Class with Backbends ("wild thing" to "wheel") with Lesley Fightmaster

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Yoga Class with Backbends (

Yoga class with backbends is a vinyasa flow class focusing on opening the upper back, shoulders and hip flexors while keeping the lower belly engaged and the lower back elongated. I received a request to practice wild thing to urdvha dhanurasana (upward bow or wheel pose).

This transition can be tricky. If you haven’t done it before, I suggest watching first and then trying it. Also, to practice, please push the pause button and go at your own pace. Interested in the Infinity Strap? Check it out here:

Join us on for our “class of the day!” Many people have been requesting a new class to practice daily after they finish the 90-day yoga fix series. I LOVE that you want to continue a daily practice so we’ve added a daily class on our website!! We can all practice the same class together and there is a space for comments as well (so far, Duke has been the only one to comment!).

Join us if you want to practice every day. Remember, yoga is like medicine and your prescription for it to “work” is to take it every day! You’ll be amazed at how potent it is! Love, Lesley

Arms Core Inversions Legs Sequences

Intermediate 20-30 Minutes


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