Yoga For a Healthy Liver with Adriene

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Yoga For a Healthy Liver with Adriene

Yoga on deck! Join me for Yoga For A Healthy Liver! (Good for Gall Bladder too.) This practice is a great pick me up! Yoga helps us check and balance the energy in the body. Balance the liver energy meridian. Love your liver. Balancing the liver meridian is important for so many reasons. An unhealthy liver causes anger and frustration which can manifest in the body. Avoid digestive issues and combat bloating by tending to the energetic body. Tending to this energy meridian can assist in weight loss and can help detoxify. Good for your blood and good for you! Awesome for when you are feeling irritable and cranky. Breathe mindfully in those twists and through the side body – and work it out. Namaste.

Detox Sequences

Beginner Intermediate Advanced 20-30 Minutes


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