Yoga for Complete Beginners by Yogea

This accessible and fun Yogea routine is designed for yoga newbies and practitioners who would like to try a doable, but innovative yoga flow.

The poses flow naturally and effortlessly as you rise and fall, forward and back bend, invert and twist, stand and sit. A standing warm up gives you a sense of grounding and inner focus.

The sequence progresses into abdominal toners, lunges, externally and neutrally rotated poses, delightfully garnished with artful binds and balancing mudras to synch up both sides of the brain. The routine naturally winds down with seated and reclining poses offering safe and fresh binding and twisting variations.

A soothing relaxation leads you into the benefits of cyclic renewal that you reap from every asana practice. Most importantly, this is an absolute beginner’s sequence that is inspiring, safe and definitely not boring.

Arms Back Core Hips Legs Sequences Shoulders Standing

Beginner 20-30 Minutes