Yoga For Joy With Lesley Fightmaster

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Yoga For Joy With Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga for Joy is a Intermediate flow class designed to lift your spirits!

This class has parts in it requested by: Gerarldine Shields (How and when to use blocks), Anggi Rimbum (fallen angel pose), Pauline Schlautmann (hanumanasana: Splits) and Jacqruns (class with one-legged wheel pose).

This class has a lot of “Heart Opening” poses…backbends in the upper back and full backbends to open the heart chakra. Just as our physical heart pumps blood throughout our bodies, our energetic heart (heart chakra) pumps love energy throughout our bodies so we feel great and find it easier to love ourselves and others!

As always, please take care of yourself. Push pause and rest as needed and if anything hurts, stop immediately.

Balance Core Sequences Vinyasa

Intermediate 30-45 Minutes


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