Yoga for Slipped Disc - Part 1 with Asha

Can yoga help those with slipped disc conditions? Yes. Be it the backward bending poses or other relaxation poses, yoga asanas are excellent way to get rid of the slipped disc or herniated disc issues. Yoga helps you improve your posture, the asanas help strengthen the spine and also gradually reverse the bulge in the spine, which is the main cause of a slipped disc.

There are a whole lot of asanas in yoga that can help reduce the pain related to slipped disc. With regular practice you will see quick results. Yoga House is the peaceful home to a variety of yoga videos that cover yoga asanas, yoga exercises, styles and types of yoga (that includes iyengar yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, bikram yoga, kundalini yoga), stretches, meditation and more to help you practice mind and body connectivity and mindfulness.

Back Poses

Beginner 5 Minutes or less