Yoga Moon Flow with Ali Kamenova

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Yoga Moon Flow with Ali Kamenova

This is our next moon flow done on full moon in scorpio – carrying the energies of transformation, ripening, rebirth, letting go, aspects of the ego dying in order to make room for the new. The class is a bit more spiritual than my usual vinyasa flows so it spiritual talk tends to annoy you (hehe) just go to my power yoga classes for some ass whooping or to my beginner or yin classes for a good stretch.

Somatic movement. For an in depth somatic movement teacher check out one f my teachers in somatic breath Anita DeFrancesco at She has years of experience in somatic breath and movement as well as tantra, hatha and many other forms of healing.

Meditation and intention setting on seeing our true path and our purpose.

Sequences Vinyasa

Intermediate 45-60 Minutes


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