Yoga Routine for Flexibility & Strength with Yogea Art Flow

Designed and inspired by Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Gessica Paperini. This Yogea practice flows like a dance of fluid “asana” and links deep breathing with conscious motion to awaken the whole body while building strength and flexibility. It combines “pranayama” techniques to open up the throat and navel chakras and facilitate the flow of life force through all the main nerve channels and systems. A flowing warm brings suppleness to the spine and opens up through the main ligaments and tendons.

The middle section offers a wide variety of back and forward bends, hip and quad openers, and twists and introduces a multitude of innovative bind variations to balance both brain hemispheres and help harness internal power.

The proper execution cultivates a sense of coherent transitioning when you flow gracefully from moment to the next with an open mind and an attitude of acceptance. The flow undulates from standing to seated, from reclining to inverted, from balancing to detoxifying poses to provide an inner massage of all glands.

Empowering poses alternate with introspective variations and strengthening modifications culminate in an invigorating build-up, followed by pacifying forwards bends and pelvic openers.

An integrated wind-down pairs restorative with detoxifying poses that calm the mind and purify the filtering organs. A quieting relaxation brings the practitioner in a place of harmony and cultivates a body that is both sensitive and strong, a diamond body that beams will-power and grace.

Arms Detox Legs Sequences

Advanced 30-45 Minutes