4 Steps to a More Productive Meditation Session

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4 steps to a more productive meditation session

Meditation is a way of training the mind to reach a more relaxed state of consciousness. Sometimes it is used to direct or manifest goals or intentions that you hope to achieve. It is also a simple and effective way to reduce stress and improve emotional and physical well-being. Meditation is used in homes, hospitals, and even Malibu drug rehab centers because of its overwhelming effectiveness. It takes time to learn to do it properly though. So to help, the following are several ways of improving the meditative experience.

1. Set the Mood

The calmer the atmosphere, the easier it is to relax. Your chosen meditation area should be clean and free from all dirt and debris. Turn off electronic devices and the television, and turn on some soft soothing music. Some people prefer nothing but the sound of nature or complete silence. Light a candle or an incense stick for some calming aromatherapy as well. It is best to meditate in the same place each time, so it helps to set up a small corner of a room with a few pillows or a blanket folded neatly on the floor. If sitting on the floor is difficult because of arthritis or health problems, a comfortable chair will work just as well.

2. Intention Schedules

Most people have more than one intention they want to focus on, but trying to meditate on all of them at once makes the mind scattered and defeats the purpose of your meditation session. The manifestation process can be made simpler by setting up an intention schedule. Creating a set schedule of each goal that will be meditated on for each day of the week reduces the constant shift and pull of thoughts overwhelming you, so visualization can be better achieved.

This process can be further aided by designating a specific mantra for each goal or intention to use on the day that it is to be meditated on. Of course, if there is only one goal to achieve, then no schedule would be needed because it can be repeated during each time of meditation until manifested.

3. Timing Matters

It is important to meditate at least two times a day. The first should be in the early morning, and the second in late afternoon. People with busy work and family schedules might find this difficult to achieve at first, but once the body you’re your schedule becomes accustomed to the routine, it will be more natural. Keeping set meditation times helps the body fall into a meditative state of consciousness faster than if the timing is erratic.

4. Breathing

If you are struggling to clear the mind during meditation, it helps to focus on a breathing pattern. Inhale for six seconds and exhale for six. Then, pause for six more seconds before inhaling again. It takes a significant amount of concentration to achieve this breathing pattern, which helps to push out other intrusive thoughts.

If any thoughts do occur though, they can be gently changed back by switching the breathing pattern. Instead of using six seconds, you can always switch to five or seven. It is crucial that those who meditate avoid self-criticism and negative thinking as much as possible as well. So if the breathing pattern becomes too difficult, and cannot be resumed, that is alright. Simply try again during the next meditation time.

These are only a few of the ways that can help make meditation more productive and can be modified to fit the uniqueness of your situation. Persistence is the key to all efforts at meditation, so if they don’t seem to work at first, don’t give up. With time, all things become easier.

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