5 Reasons Why Men Should Meditate

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5 Reasons Why Men Should Meditate

Men and women both can benefit from using meditation as a tool to rejuvenate their mind, just as they need yoga poses for conditioning the body.

But even though men can also benefit from yoga and meditation, often yoga training class witnesses higher percentage of women than men. This is can partly be accounted for by the fact that men like more body pumping workouts like strength training, and workouts that burn more energy.

Even though yoga has been proven to be an intense workout, men are still more likely to be attracted towards the gym.

Meditation has its own set of benefits, which are advantageous to men in different ways than women. Just like our body is designed differently, so is our mind and thought process.

With more and more celebrities medtitating, and more scientific studies exposing the numerous benefits of meditation, meditation is quickly becoming mainstream and a way of life for many people.

Meditation is being adopted by athletes, professionals, doctors, lawyers as way of beating the increasing amount of stress from the competitive environment.

Here are some of the reasons why men should be mediating as much as women:


Increased productivity is one of the most rewarding benefits of meditation. In a world where our feet are moving with the ticking of the clock, we require a higher productivity level to accomplish more in less time.

Unlike the common misconception that the mind needs to be clear of all the thoughts to “meditate correctly,” meditation allows the practitioner to let his mind wander wherever it wants to go. No barrier, no ifs, and no buts.

Allowing your mind to be at ease without any leash satiates and reduces the cravings of thoughts. When you are working and increasing focus, productivity, and efficiency, it is easier to do when your mind is free to roam.

Also, facing our fears in our mind and realizing no harm can come from it, is yet another reward adding to self-empowerment and – eventually – increased productivity.


Immunity is all about your body’s strength to protect you against sickness and disease. By increasing the relaxation level and sleep quality, the immune system gets an edge and can better fight off trouble. Also, many autoimmune diseases, which are becoming more prevelent these days, are often caused by stress and the ill-effects stress has on the body.

When the body’s immune system is unable to differentiate the foreign entities and body’s own entities and starts firing itself. Meditation can allow you to release all the stress from the boardroom meeting and grant you more physical freedom by boosting immunity.


Yes, meditation can even boost your athletic ability. Athletes all over the world are using meditation and visualization techniques in their daily regime to get a step closer to their goals of winning the gold. The ancient rule that you need 10,000 hours to master an art form goes to ashes when you practice meditation.

With its power for great detail, meditation allows the practitioner to identify the problems areas and adjust himself or herself. Instead of performing wrong act for 10,000 hours and still being bad at it, meditation can present a window of correction and change time and again.

With a perfect form and awareness to avoid injury, you are bound to excel at whatever sport you are working in.


One of the most discussed benefits of meditation is stress reduction. With a calm mind, meditation directs the thought process towards a bigger picture and trains the mind to overlook the problems created by petty issues of everyday life. Syncing the actions with breath and making the practitioner advanced in his approach towards day-to-day living, it removes stress, anxiety and depression.

The mental to-do lists are banished by meditating everyday in the morning for 10 to 15 minutes. That is why people doing a daily meditation are researched to be more calm, happy, productive and fun to be with.


Stress is a trigger point for many issues in our life and with a daily habit of meditation many of these issues can be resolved.

Stress causes emotional and binge eating, for protecting the body from the outside insecurities. Meditation makes you aware of the act of eating and what are you eating when. This mindfulness increases the understanding as to why you are more attracted to crabs or sweets and makes you more responsible for your weight goals. Keeping you motivated towards your goals, this practice makes you better at the weight loss game.

Meditation removes roadblocks in your path to success and aids you in becoming the hero you want to be. If yoga is not your thing & gyming is what you opt for, meditation still can be a part of your everyday regime. Great battles are won with a calm mind, and meditation does exactly that for you. Start practicing now, starting with 5 minutes and gradually increasing it to 30 minutes a day.

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