16 Tips For Waking Yourself Up Naturally

by Sep 20, 2019Wellness

There are two types of people in the world: early birds and night owls. Both will argue endlessly for which side of the coin (or bed) is better, however, there’s something to be said health-wise for getting up early. Not only is there potential to experience more in a day given more daylight hours, but in turn, the body is hopefully able to get more sleep. This helps rejuvenation processes occur in the body and leave one feeling fresh and limber in the morning.

While alarm clocks are a classic method to jolt awake, there are other, more natural methods to ease your body into the day. Once in a routine, these methods can become easier than the typical “hop-out-of-bed-and-rush-out-the-door” scenario so many of us experience on a weekly basis.

Below, you’ll find a list of 16 ways someone can wake up naturally by Casper. All of these wake up rituals are worth trying because of how easy they are for everyone. Some require a bit of movement and others, a natural healthy drink. For example, stretching upon waking helps the body’s circulation and will get any discomfort caused by hours of sleep. Another method suggested is to try drinking a glass of orange juice. While coffee is a classic go-to, orange juice can also be helpful because of the vitamin C it holds and other nutrients — which pair together to help jumpstart the body for a productive, healthy day.

Prep the night before can help with the morning, too. Avoiding afternoon coffee will help your body be thoroughly tired out when bed time — meaning you can get up on time, and refreshed. Avoiding screens before bed is helpful as well. Light from screens hurts our circadian rhythms, so our sleep cycles can be distrubed.

Regardless of which methods you choose, getting a good night’s rest is a restorative and enlightening process, and the best part is once you get into a routine that allows for early rising, it’s hard to go back.


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