5 Keys to Handling Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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The recommended weight gain for a singleton pregnancy anywhere from 11 to 40 pounds, depending on mom’s starting weight. Some women gain more or less no matter what they do, and this can stress a pregnant woman out. When you’re pregnant, keep your focus on being healthy, and you’ll find that the weight gain is easier to handle.

Staying Active

Whether you were hitting the gym pre-pregnancy or not, trying to stay active throughout your pregnancy can keep the weight gain at bay. You naturally need to eat more calories when you’re pregnant, but the activity from exercise allows you to eat even more without gaining too much. According to Dr. Gilbert Webb, staying active will help you to avoid some of the most common pregnancy pains and reduce other problems that may develop with you or your baby. Try some exercises that are fairly easy, like a casual walk, walking or swimming in water or doing some yoga.

Eating Healthy Foods

If most of the foods you’re eating are healthy foods, your body is going to naturally gain weight as it needs it. Fruits and vegetables will provide essential vitamins and minerals, and they’ll also give the fiber you need to avoid the constipation that’s so common during a pregnancy. You don’t need to avoid junk foods altogether, but make sure that the focus of your diet is on the good stuff. Some people find it helpful to track calories using a food diary or an app, while others prefer to just eat a variety of healthy foods, only when hungry and only until almost full.

Following Doctor’s Orders

When you’re seeing a maternal fetal specialist, they’ll be able to go into a lot more detail about your weight and how much weight you should gain. For example, if you’re overweight at the start of your pregnancy, your physician may suggest that you try not to gain any weight until the second or third trimesters. Underweight women will need to focus on gaining a bit more weight to keep the baby healthy. If your situation warrants it, they may suggest a visit with a nutritionist, especially if a condition like gestational diabetes presents a risk.

Finding Balance

The thing that is going to help you stay the happiest while handling your weight gain during pregnancy is to find the balance that works for you. For example, if tracking calories is making you unhappy, focus on eating healthy meals while allowing yourself a treat or two each day. Exercise is important, but you also need to pay attention to your body and stop if you don’t think it can handle as much as you’re trying to do. Remember that while you’re pregnant, growing your baby is the most important job you have and other things may need to fall to the wayside.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

It’s very common to struggle emotionally with the weight you’re gaining. While you can mentally understand that it’s normal and healthy to put on extra weight for the baby, it’s hard to see your clothes get tighter and your face get puffier. It can be especially difficult if you’ve previously had to work hard at losing weight. The good news is that if you gain the recommended amount of weight, it’s probably going to be fairly easy to lose that weight. Even if you gain too much, though, it’s important to focus more on the health of your baby than the number on the scale.

Your pregnancy is an exciting journey, and you want to enjoy the ride. Being careful about managing your weight gain from a physical and emotional standpoint is one of the keys to staying healthy and happy.


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