5 Tips to Stay Fit During and After Your Pregnancy

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One of the most difficult aspects of becoming pregnant and delivering a baby is staying fit during and after the pregnancy. With all of the hormone changes, lack of time and energy, and strange food cravings it is no wonder that many women struggle with their weight during and after pregnancy. The good news is that there are several tips for staying fit during this time.

Exercise Regularly

Especially during the late stages of pregnancy, many people start to lose energy. Although this is understandable, it is still important to continue moving in a way that is going to burn calories. Going in to a pregnancy it is much easier to be moderately active than towards the end. However, even towards the end of a pregnancy it should be a priority to be active in some capacity. Walking for thirty minutes a day can make a huge difference in weight loss, energy levels, and overall happiness.

Eliminate Junk Food

For the health of the baby, junk food should be eliminated from the diet during pregnancy. However, this will also help a person to stay fit. Not only does eating junk food decrease energy levels, but it also packs on the pounds quickly. Although it can be hard to break the sugar habit and addiction it should be made a priority in the diet. Instead of reaching for can of sugary soda water, start replacing the junk food and beverages with healthy food, juice and water. For example, if you are craving sugar eat a sweet apple instead of a candy bar.

Go In To Pregnancy Lean

One of the easiest ways to stay lean and fit before and after pregnancy starts before a person gets pregnant. It is inherently less difficult to maintain weight then it is to lose, so going in to the start of a pregnancy in great shape is perhaps the easiest way to stay fit during a pregnancy. The good news is even if this is not the case for you, there are still steps that anyone can take in order to stay fit.

Reduce Medications as Much as Possible

Child birth can be painful and pills may be prescribed for different kinds of pain. Side effects to taking pain medicine can include deceased energy levels and metabolism. Trying to fight the pain naturally is better for energy levels and balancing the hormones in the body.

Get Moving After Birth

Finally, after having a baby there is going to be a recovery period. However, it is important to get moving again as soon as possible after having a baby. Although it may be uncomfortable and you may not feel like it, the sooner a person gets moving again the sooner they will be back in shape.

There are many light exercises that someone that has just had a baby can start, such as short walks outside. Not only will getting outside increase energy levels, but studies show that it also supports mood as well. Staying fit during and after pregnancy is as much mental as it is physical.

Getting back in shape after giving birth is the goal of almost every new mother but it really starts before you even give birth. Having regular prenatal checkups is a great way to evaluate the health of a person going in to pregnancy and determining what would be appropriate during the early stages. Getting advice from a maternal-fetal specialist like Dr. Gilbert Webb can also help you determine what levels of exercise and nutritional support would be appropriate during pregnancy.


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