6 Benefits of Massage You Never Knew About

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Massage therapy has long been known to improve health and overall wellness. A regular massage is rapidly becoming a more popular preference among people seeking to improve how their body feels. In addition, the benefits of massage therapy can be long lasting and help improve flexibility, joint pain, pregnancy and much more. If you are considering getting a professional massage, here are six benefits you might not have known about.

Lower Blood Pressure

If you are trying to keep your blood pressure down, then a regular massage may be just the ticket. Along with the stress relief many people experience from a professional massage, long term research has demonstrated a significant reduction in diastolic and systolic values in patients with high-blood pressure.

More Than Reduced Stress

Although it is true that massage therapy will immediately start to reduce levels of cortisol and insulin in the human body, an additional benefit is it produces higher levels of endorphins. Endorphins, often referred to as the feel-good hormone, are chemicals released by the brain that go beyond the normal process of reducing stress to make us feel great. It’s a kind of natural high that can help combat depression and anxiety.

Improves Circulation

Maintaining good blood circulation is key to every region of the body’s health. You may be aware that massage will improve circulation, but what you might not know is how this occurs. The physical action of applying pressure and manipulating the skin and tissues underneath through massage therapy help to push blood into congested areas, getting more oxygen-rich blood to places where blood-flow is being restricted. It is great for helping you get rid of nerve tingling’s or cold, bloodless fingertips.

Helps Lymphatic Function

Because the lymphatic system does not have a muscle like the heart to pump lymph fluid around the body, the lymphatic system relies on exercise to get lymph fluid moving. Another way to help lymph fluid to move is through the pushing and pulling action of massage therapy. Utilizing muscles this way can be like a hardcore workout so you should be prepared to feel a bit or sore after the first few.

Varicose Veins

In patients with mild cases of varicose veins, using essential oils and specific massage techniques will help to prevent further complications. If you have a more severe case, it would be best to visit a vein doctor to see if surgery can help or what massages should be avoided to help veins stay healthy.

Better Digestion and Sleep

Since massage therapy helps to reduce the body’s levels of the hormone cortisol, another lasting result of this stress hormone reduction is it improves digestion and promotes better sleep. Even just a weekly massage has been shown to help with insomnia in some patients.

Massage is an ancient practice that has been used for many centuries to promote better health and well-being. More and more people are returning to the numerous benefits of massage therapy to augment their health. It is a safe form of therapy that will benefit anyone seeking to improve every condition from improved mobility to more efficient circulation.


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