6 Important Benefits of Using Athletic Compression Wear

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Benefits of wearing compression socks

Anyone with a passing interest in sports has probably toiled the rise in popularity of compression gear. Compression garments are designed to exert the most pressure at the point furthest away from the heart, and gradually reduce the amount of pressure exerted moving toward the heart. For example, compression socks are snuggest at the foot, and less snug at the calf. Compression gear has many benefits, for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Reduced Recovery Time

After strenuous workouts, lactate accumulates in the blood. This is one of the main causes of soreness after workouts. Compression gear helps push lactate out of the blood, which speeds recovery time. Compression garments can also reduce inflammation and swelling, which reduces post workout soreness.

Quicker Warm-up

The snug fit of compression garments warm the muscles up quickly, reducing wear and tear on the athlete. By increasing skin temperature, the athlete is ready to perform at peak sooner.

Improved Circulation

Compression garments push deoxygenated blood back to the heart quickly, clearing the way for oxygen rich blood. This improved circulation may have many benefits, including improved performance, reduced fatigue, and a decrease in the risk of injury.

Helps Support Muscles

The constricting nature of compression wear acts as a sort of brace, supporting muscles as they go through a range of motion. This support allows the muscles to work more efficiently, and the stabilizing effect can also reduce the risk of injury if you’re running or doing an intense yoga practice.

Provides Relief for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can be very painful. In the past, sufferers generally wore support hose before resorting to prescription strength compression socks. Athletic compression gear is not as restrictive as the prescription strength variety, is easier to put on, more comfortable to wear, and doesn’t require a prescription. Speak an expert, like the ones from iVein, to see what compression wear is right for you and your varicose veins.

Improved Proprioception

Proprioception is your feeling of various body parts, in comparison to the rest of your body and moving through space. Better proprioception improves muscle efficiency and performance.

While scientific studies have not caught up with the growing popularity of compression gear, their use among professional athletes is telling. Runners, basketball players and many other athletes are making compression gear part of their uniform. Given the relatively inexpensive cost of these items, and the fact that there is no drawback to wearing them, it makes sense to try them. Individuals who are serious about improving their performance in a particular sport and individuals who suffer from soreness after workouts are most likely to notice benefits from wearing compression gear.


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