8 Workouts to Help You Keep Warm This Winter

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8 Warming Workouts

Winter is the time of year when your workouts become stale and boring as more and more people are kept indoors. Runners may head to treadmills, and others to the gym for a halfhearted workout on some machines.

However, there is no denying that winter workouts can either be very cold if done outdoors, or downright boring. The following are some exciting ideas for adding zest and warmth to winter workouts this year.


Swimming is an amazing choice for a full body workout. Many cities or workout facilities offer swimming pools for laps during certain times of the day. Houston swimming lessons may be a great choice for those who have never learned this fun yet easy workout. It’s a chance to move your entire body and shake out all the stress from your week.


Spinning classes have really taken off in many areas of the country, and are loved for the way they help you work up a sweat and burn calories quickly. While many cycling classes are not for the faint of heart, they can be a great cardio option. Interval classes can work the legs, butt, and core, and can also increase physical endurance.


It is vital to work weights into any healthy lifestyle. While cardio workouts are good for raising the heart rate and burning calories, weights are just as important for strengthening muscles and even bones. Weight lifting can also increase weight loss because muscles burn many calories.

Rock Climbing

Climbing an indoor rock wall is a great mind and body exercise. It helps you use their critical thinking skills while also giving the arms and core a great workout. Indoor climbing is safe with skilled spotters working at many gyms and community centers.


Zumba classes are perfect for those who love to dance, or who want to have tons of fun while working out. This aerobic workout features Latin American dance moves while working many muscle groups at once. Zumba can also be done in your own home by following a workout DVD.


A great way to relax and de-stress, yoga is not actually as easy as some may think it is. This exercise requires a great deal of concentration as individuals focus on breathing techniques, correct form, and a mind and body connection. Yoga also helps to tone muscles and develop physical stamina. Some yoga classes may combine this ancient exercise form with Pilates for a modern twist.


Kickboxing is a fun way to use up excessive energy, especially after sitting at a desk or in a car all day. Technique is extremely important in this workout, but even beginners will have fun and burn calories. Kickboxing uses nearly all muscle groups as individuals throw punches and kicks and duck and weave with their cores.

Boot Camp

Boot camps are for those who really want to make a huge impact on their bodies, even when they are indoors. The workouts are inspired by classic military training and combine a great deal of strength training, such as crunches and push-ups, with cardio exercises, such as jumping rope. Those who try boot camp in the winter and love it, may be in luck since many of these classes meet outdoors in the summer.

There is no sense in freezing during outdoor winter workouts when there are so many fun and exciting indoor options. Whether you choose a class, a personal trainer, or a solo workout, indoor workouts can burn the same number of calories and shed the same number of pounds as outdoor workouts can. In fact, when summer comes, you may find that you love your indoor workouts so much, it will be too hard to head back outside.


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