Chris Lianos’ new self-help book guides readers to fulfillment

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Finding Zero.

‘Finding Zero’ finds links between metaphysics and neuro-linguistic programming to free readers of life’s confines.

Author Chris Lianos, a certified trainer of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis, has used his skills and experiences over the last 20 years to help people realize their true potential. (Chris is also a black belt in karate, and an ordained minister, and a Reiki master.) He now hopes to help readers tap into their true potential as well, with his new self improvement book, Finding Zero: A Practical Guide to Manifesting Your Abundance.

“The links between metaphysics and neuro-linguistic programming have rarely been examined,” Lianos says, “and my book really looks into these synergies to provide a practical roadmap for people.”

In Finding Zero Lianos presents readers with what he refers to as the roadmap to achieving abundance in one’s life. He believes this is possible by breaking the bonds that constrain one’s mind. He is confident that absolute fulfillment is possible for anyone, but only if he or she realizes there is always a way out of even the most strenuous of hardships.

“I want my readers to be positive about their future, to be peaceful about their present and to be set-free of the chains that bind them to their past,” Lianos says. “Above all, I want my readers to realize that abundance is a choice they can choose in this moment.”

You can get this book now at Amazon.


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