Hot Yoga: 4 Ways to Make Your Personal Routine into a Sweatfest

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Hot yoga is a popular technique for total mind and body wellness and relaxation. The idea is that the heat helps your body to release energy and toxins that have built up. When you want to sweat as much as possible during your yoga routine, try one or more of these four tips. They can help you decide what technique is best for you and your body.

Drink Hot Tea before Your Yoga Session

To sweat more while practicing yoga, begin by warming up your body beforehand. About ten minutes before starting your yoga session, drink one cup of hot tea. Consider a spiced chai tea or a tea that contains a spice, such as ginger or cinnamon. The drink will warm you from the inside out and help get the sweating process started.

This is a great way to energize your body for your routine ahead too, especially if your tea contains an amount of caffeine. Avoid coffee before your routine, it has far too much caffeine to be beneficial. That amount of caffeine will reduce blood flow to your muscles and organs during your routine. You need as much blood flow as possible during such an engaging mind and body workout as yoga.

Use a Personal Heater

Another way to get sweatier while doing yoga is to move a personal heater into the space where you will be practicing. These little devices can create a clot of heat, especially if you are practicing in a smaller room of the house. You might need to use an extension cord, like those available from Americord, for your personal heater so that it can reach your practice room.

Close the door so that the heat generated by the heater stays in the room with you, that way, you will begin sweating in no time. Remember, the extension cord should have enough space to lay flat on the floor underneath the door.

Perform Yoga in a Room with a Lot of Windows

If your windows are not insulated and do not have a protective ultraviolet light-resistant film on them, practice yoga in the room that has the most windows. The windows will allow the sun’s heat to penetrate into the room and make the space warmer, naturally. This can be the best way to start your routine out on a high note so you can stretch out in warmth and luxury.

Also, a room with south-facing windows will enjoy warmth all day long. If your home has a room that faces the south, you can always be ready to stretch out some yoga at any time. A room with south-facing windows will let in the heat of the afternoon.

Running or Walking

To begin your yoga routine, you can start out with a brisk walk or a run to get the blood flowing and warm the body. Leash up the dog and go around the neighborhood and get some fresh air in your lungs. That way, you can start cleansing the impurities and toxins out of your body before your routine even begins. This can help you focus and get things off your mind while you explore the neighborhood before starting your rigorous routine.

Do Yoga While Dinner is Cooking

Many household appliances release a lot of heat. Consider timing your yoga session to coincide with the time that you are cooking your dinner in the oven. You could easily fire up the oven when you are ready to begin your routine, and start some warm-ups while it heats up. If needed, you can even leave the door to the oven open so that the heat created will flood your living room so you can benefit from it.

Other ways to create extra heat for your routine are always welcome of course. You could also do yoga while the clothes dryer or dishwasher are running. These appliances also release a great deal of heat during a typical cycle. Their motors generate white noise that could be soothing to you as you relax and meditate during a yoga session. An alternative is to do yoga routines in the bathroom just after you have showered.

These tips will help you to sweat during your yoga routine. You could also consider your clothing. Tighter clothing in dark colors will trap the heat next to your body, causing you to perspire more. By following these tips, you can enjoy all of the benefits of hot yoga without having to leave your house.


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