How Do Health Clinics Comply with Federal Spending Standards?

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re a health care clinic. The changing healthcare scene of rules and regulations needs to be carefully managed. Here are some of the ways that healthcare clinics are complying with federal spending standards.

Standardized Coding Practices

Medical coding has long been the established practice in the healthcare field. This allows insurance companies to have a standardized method to issue their payments. This makes billing medical bills much easier for insurance companies.  It also gives a more level playing field when it comes to treating you as the patient. There is also the benefit that is provided to outside auditing agencies. They don’t have to learn a separate coding system for each individual clinic or specialty. This makes things much simpler and straightforward for them, which in turn, makes things easier for patients as well. Oversight allows you to know that you aren’t being overcharged for your visits and treatments.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Buying inferior medical supplies or excess products that have limited shelf life are not smart purchases. If certain products (like cleaning solutions or bandages) do not have an extended shelf life, they are simply not worth buying. After all, you never know how long they might just sit there. Other things, like wasting excess bandages, gauze pads, or medical tape can also cost the facility more than it might first appear.  Limiting their use unless absolutely needed is incredibly important.  This needs to be an everyday thing for all members of staff, including nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants, and even office staff. Another thing that medical facilities can do to eliminate wasteful spending is to not purchase inferior medical supplies products that do not work properly. There many various ways medical facilities can save money.

Development of Compliance Programs

A second part to any auditing program is to have a compliance program in place. A majority of clinics have their own compliance board that helps to keep things in check. These kind of groups are incredibly important when it comes to standardization of policies and procedures. Their job generally involves making sure that the clinic is following all of the regulations that are required by the law. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that the law is being followed in this regard. If a problem is noted, they can take immediate action to ensure that it doesn’t occur again in the future. Many of these boards are comprised of doctors so that they can have a true medical perspective.

Administrative Tracking and Oversight

Using a software program that manages and tracks medical spending is another way that healthcare clinics can make sure that they’re complying with all the federal spending standards. Certain companies, such as Porzio AggregateSpendID, realize that this type of program may even be able to flag expenses that don’t fit within a specified range. This gives administrators a way to monitor their spending and usage in a more objective manner. Taking this type of view on spending can be a great asset to the administrators and how payments are handled. This is a great way to manage medical facilities and everything that makes them run efficiently and smoothly. Having oversight in place is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re following the mandated guidelines.

Continuing Educational Opportunities

Clinics are governed by two main congressional acts, HIPAA, and the ACA. They dictate how information is handled and the types of treatments that must be covered. As changes are made to healthcare regulations, everyone in the clinic needs to be made of aware of how these changes will impact their business. Specifically, because the changes can sometimes be drastic, and the staff of each facility have to learn new policies and procedures to make sure they are complying correctly. Continuing educational programs are the guiding force of the healthcare industry. They also provide patients with the latest treatment techniques so that you can receive the best possible care.

Healthcare clinics have a lot on their plate. Using common practices and technology are some of the key players that can help both them and you to receive the right standard of care.


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