How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with Smoothies

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Is getting out of the bed an everyday struggle for you? Are you reaching for the snooze button the moment the alarm activates, and feeling unmotivated to start and seize the day? We all know the phrase “My body is a temple”, so we all need to take care of it and nurture it, if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living involves so many choices. In order to succeed at daily tasks and feel energized to do the activities you enjoy doing during the day, your body needs healthy food and regular exercise. There are so many ways to keep your body in good shape, such as going to the gym, jogging, doing yoga or tai chi, and many more. Everyone just needs to find out the most convenient practice for them.

On the other hand, healthy eating is also an important element for empowering your body. Since spring is around the corner, this is the right time to turn over a new leaf, start some new physical activity and transform your eating habits.

Healthy and balanced diet means eating the right amount of various nutritions, such as protein, healthy fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins etc., and preparing smoothies can be the key for such diet. We’ve all probably found ourselves, at one point or another, in situations when we need something to boost our brain while working, or lose weight before summer vacation, or simply detox after a drunken night. The following infographic on 10 smoothies for different occasions will show you how to choose proper ingredients and make a healthy meal that will be right for a particular situation.

  1. Whether you are a student studying for your exams or an office manager dealing with so much work on a daily basis, you surely sometimes need to boost your brainpower. Combining chia seeds, which build neurons and its connections, along with pomegranate, which prevents neuroinflammation, can be a perfect brain booster.
  2. Losing weight doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience of starving yourself. Just prepare a smoothie with green tea and cinnamon and you’ll start losing weight and enjoy a delicious meal.
  3. If you’ve booked more items than usual on your agenda and you need some extra energy, mixing a smoothie with kale and spinach will make you feel like “Superman”.
  4. For your youngest, it would be good to add a banana and some peanut butter in the mix. They’re both delicious and rich in nutrients, so the kids will simply love their meal.
  5. For those who love partying, a smoothie with a little bit of alcohol will be a party hit. One neat idea is to mix some white rum with strawberries, lime and orange juice.
  6. And if you partied a little too hard with your yummy party smoothies, there is a smoothie for the morning hangover. Lemon eliminates the toxins from your body and cabbage aids in enzyme production in the liver, so if you mix these two along with beets, carrots, kale, spinach, apple, dandelion greens and water, you’ll survive the morning after with ease.
  7. For those who are on a strict gluten free diet, a smoothie with avocado and coconut milk would be a great way to get a high dose of healthy nutrients.
  8. If you’re short on time in the morning and you’re usually skipping breakfast, a breakfast smoothie is the right solution for starting the day. It takes only a few minutes to make it and you’ll feel energized till lunch time comes.
  9. Have you noticed that you feel much happier when eating chocolate? It’s because cocoa raises the levels of dopamine and serotonin and enhances the feeling of being happy. Hence, making a chocolate smoothie is a good way to get rid of the sadness.

Hopefully, these smoothie tips and recipes will help you find easy and delicious solutions for many situations you encounter in your life, and aid you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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