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Tea and I go way back. Red Rose black tea with a splash of whole milk and a small spoonful of sugar was my Dad’s cup of choice. I remember learning how to prepare tea just the way my Dad liked it when I was a young girl. It was always a treat when we would sit together and we would both enjoy a cup of Red Rose tea with milk and a little sugar.
Over the years my love affair with tea has evolved thanks in no small part to The Tea House, a small tea shop on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Walking into the shop was always a joy. A pot of your tea of choice was prepared with care, and delivered to your kotatsu, a low, Japanese style table.
It would be fair to say I am obsessed with tea. At the time of this writing I have over 300 bags of tea in my cupboard not to mention pounds of loose leaf tea. It perhaps goes without saying that when the chance to try Bulletproof Cacao Tea came across my desk I jumped at it.
The Bulletproof Cacao Tea is not what I expected, but OMG it’s good! I was expecting it to be basically chocolate flavoured tea. No, no, no. That’s not what it is at all. It’s cacao nibs that you place in a tea infuser. The chocolate flavour is light, decadent, and balanced. The tea is not sweetened, but it’s not bitter either.
According to their site, “Cacao has more antioxidants than green tea and red wine. It also contains valuable theobromine, which has a similar, but more moderate, feeling as caffeine on the nervous system. Theobromine is also popular in smart drug circles for working in conjunction with caffeine.”
While Bulletproof Cacao Tea will not replace my morning cup of chai, I will be drinking it in the evening when I settle in with a book for the evening. Bulletproof Cacao Tea is a decadent cup of indulgence without the stress.
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