Introducing the VYPER: a vibrating foam roller that will enhance your yoga practice

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Meet the VYPER

Recently funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $271,524, the VYPER is unlike any foam roller you’ve ever seen.

The VYPER is cutting edge, and the first of its kind fitness, performance and recovery device.

Created by Anthony Katz, a sports and fitness aficionado and the founder of HYPERICE, this ordinary looking foam roller uses a rechargeable high powered lithium ion battery, (the same type of battery that powers a Tesla car), to deliver optimal frequency at three speeds through a high-performance, eco-friendly, air injected polypropylene shell.

The VYPER can enhance your yoga practice by making your muscles more relaxed before class. The vibrations loosen your muscles allow you to get deeper into poses.


Anthony Katz talked to me about how yogis can use the VYPER to benefit their yoga practice.

Ysmay: Tell me the inspiration behind the VYPER.

Anthony: My inspiration for the VYPER stemmed from my personal experience as an athlete and active person who was struggling with a bad back that had limited my range of motion. I had been foam rolling for years but felt that my body needed something more dynamic to really make a difference and unlock my body.

How does it work, exactly? How do you use it?

The VYPER is used similar to how you would use a standard foam roller- but the benefit of the high intensity vibration is immediately felt. It is a night and day different experience from standard foam rolling. The vibration temporarily overstimulates the muscle and thus inhibits (relaxes) the muscle, so as you roll you actually feel less pressure (pain), allowing you to get deeper into the tissue. The vibration also increases your circulation so you are rolling a warmer and looser muscle.

How can yogis use VYPER to enhance their yoga practice?

Yogis can use the VYPER before their practice and will find their bodies are looser and warmer before they practice. This will help with flexibility during the practice.


How portable is VYPER and how quickly does it work? Could a yogi throw it into their yoga bag, or is it a tool best left at home?

The VYPER is very portable and small and can be easily carried in a backpack or bag. I wouldn’t recommend bringing into the studio, because the vibration is very strong and will vibrate the whole floor of the studio, but using it before you head to the studio would be ideal. It might be more suitable to use in some fitness based studios.

How has the VYPER been received by yogis so far?

The reception has been very positive. Yogis tend to be very in tune with their bodies, so are very receptive to a product that makes their body move and feel better.

What do you hope to achieve with the VYPER?

Aging, in part, is the loss of movement over time. If we can maintain the body’s ability to move, like how it does when we are young, we can keep doing the things we love and slow the hands of Father Time. I really just want people to move better and feel better.

The Vyper

You can get the VYPER now on Amazon.


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