Living Well: 4 Natural Wellness Tips to Start the New Year Fresh

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With the New Year right around the corner, people are starting to get excited about making positive changes. There’s just one catch though – making those changes permanent. New Year’s resolutions have the potential to improve your quality of life and help you be healthier and happier. All too often, however, the resolutions we make only last halfway through January.

If you’re serious about wanting to work on your wellness, don’t lose hope. All it takes is a resolution that is reasonable, measurable, and scalable. Below you’ll find just four of the many wellness strategies that you can use to take your mental and physical well-being to an all-time high:


Meditation is one of the most powerful wellness strategies under the sun. This is the case for multiple reasons, one of which is increased self-awareness. Regular meditation helps people to become more aware of their own thought processes and state-of-being. By increasing this self-awareness, you can put yourself in control of what’s happening inside your head. In many cases, the thoughts running through our minds are a result of external factors. The music playing in the grocery store, things other people have said to us, etc. By practicing regular meditation you can dictate your own thoughts.

Setting a New Year’s resolution to “start meditating”, however, probably won’t get you the results you want. If you want to take advantage of meditation to reduce your stress and improve your concentration, you need specifics.  Instead, set a goal to research online, or find a class on meditation. Create concrete steps to go from simply learning, to actively practicing. Start with 15 minutes a day, or an hour a week, and gradually increase. Don’t be afraid to alter your goal based on your current needs.


Doing yoga regularly is another wonderful, incredibly empowering wellness strategy. By regularly practicing Yoga you’ll stay in shape. Being physically fit will have you looking good and feeling great in the New Year. Yoga can also help with meditation, so if you added that to your resolution list the two can work together.

Just like with meditation, if you’re planning to set a goal to get into Yoga you need to be specific. Start by finding a Yoga instructor or attending a class, and work your way up from there. Again, don’t be afraid to alter your frequency or intensity to suit your needs. Before long you’ll be balancing your metabolism with the best of them.

Eat Real Food

The rise of the health movement has led many people to become more conscious of what they’re putting in their mouths. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans still aren’t taking steps to improve their diets. If you’re tired of salt-laden, chemical-rich food clogging your body then now is the time to change. Eating is a hard habit to break, which has led many to break their resolution early on. If you want to make a change that will last, start small and build gradually.

A solid New Year’s resolution could be to simply track how many ounces of soda you drink per day, or how often you eat fast food. Knowledge is the key to change. Without knowing where you’re at now, you won’t be able to tell if you’re making progress. Of course, it’s important to include steps in your resolution beyond simply measuring. Start slowly reducing the amount of process food you eat, and adding real, organic food to your diet. You could set a goal to be processed-food-free by the end of 2018, and create a plan to get you there.

Allergy Tests

As the New Year hits us, it’s important to do all that we can to steer clear of both major diseases and minor illnesses. To make that a reality, you may want to consider having yourself tested for allergies. These tests can be done as blood tests or skin tests.

Typically, the test is administered under the guidance of a specialist like the Oak Brook Allergists or someone similar who is trained in the best methods for both testing and treating the allergies. Even a very slight allergy can affect your overall health if it’s something you are exposed to often, so the test is definitely worth doing. And the best part is that this goal is one you can do once and be done.

If you’re determined to make the upcoming year your most successful ever, then make it that way. Remember that looking and feeling your best will help you find happiness and success. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Take the tips out lined here and create realistic, trackable wellness goals that will put you on the road to true positive change.


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