Meet the world’s first app that plans your day around your health

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Owaves, a cosmopolitan lifestyle medicine company based in San Diego, has launched the world’s first dedicated wellness planner today on iTunes. The Owaves iPad App provides a remarkably simple, visual, fun and effective tool for positive lifestyle change and management.

The App released in April is is Owaves’ first footstep in developing Wellness 4DTM, a comprehensive lifestyle change and management system incorporating wearable devices that enables fun and easy planning, tracking and real-time assessment of daily activity patterns.

“We’re redefining time. Owaves is creating a new personalized way of looking at time that places health and wellness as a top priority,” said Royan Kamyar, M.D., MBA, founder and CEO of Owaves.

“This is the world’s first wellness planner – believe it or not, there’s no other system today designed to help you organize your day around health and wellness-related goals,” said Dr. Kamyar. “With almost $2 trillion annually being spent on preventable chronic disease and two-thirds of the US obese or overweight, the need is urgent.”

The Owaves App makes it easy to plan health and wellness goals into your day. Colorful, vibrant, and fun to use, the interface was developed in collaboration with a top game and puzzle app development firm from France. The novel 24-hour clock is automatically oriented to local sunrise and sunset, and nudges users to a healthy circadian rhythm.

Owaves’ 24-hour “sunrise clock” offers users a biological perspective of time called #oTime that significantly branches from existing methods. While traditional calendars and day-planning systems present a linear and narrow perspective centered around work and errands – Owaves takes its inspiration from our evolutionary body clock to provide a holistic perspective of the day.

The sunrise clock is complimented by an evidence-based menu of healthy activities supported by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, ranging from nutrition to spending time with loved ones.

“It helps me re-center and think about what’s important in life,” says Andrea Cox, yoga teacher. “In a go-go-go culture and with so much distraction around me, it helps me find balance.” Users appreciate the new perspective on time based on priorities rather than tasks.

Emphasis of exercise, sleep, nutrition, love and relaxation (or stress management) in the activity menu allows users to consider these priorities alongside traditional work and errand activities when scheduling their day.

One participant from the closed beta trial, a busy lab researcher at a prestigious university in northern California, said she now schedules time each day to Skype with her long-distance boyfriend just to say hi and see how each other is doing, “something I never would have thought to do otherwise.” She traditionally used Google Calendar, but now sees Owaves as an essential part of her life.

Download the iPad app now on the App Store to get started. The iPhone app is currently in closed beta.


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