My Favourite Stress-Busting Pranayama Technique

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When I first heard of breathing techniques in yoga, I didn’t really get it. One of the first things I remember learning when I was a kid is that breathing is an automatic function that you just do. How could you teach someone how to breathe?

But the more I’ve done yoga the more I have come to appreciate pranayama techniques. Pranayama techniques are useful beyond the yoga mat or meditation zafu. Pranayama techniques can help you keep your head when the stress is getting just a little too high.

The next time your blood pressure is starting to spike, try this quick pranayama exercise.

Stress Busting Pranayama Technique

Do a few rounds of this pranayama exercise, and you should feel noticeably calmer. Your heart rate will be slower. Your head and shoulders will probably feel a little lighter as if you’ve had a load lifted off your body. I feel so much calmer after taking 5 minutes to do this pranayama exercise in the middle of my day.

What’s your favourite stress-busting pranayama technique? Let me know in the comments.


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