One Little Cushion Wants to Get You Off Your Butt

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This cushion wants to get you off your butt |

Did you know sitting is killing us?

It’s a fact. Too much sitting causes posture problems, increases risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis, and causes back pain. But no matter how bad it is for us, in today’s world we are all sitting almost all the time. I’m sitting right now as I write this article.

Luckily, a seat cushion has been designed to get you off your butt and moving around throughout your work day.

The Darma Cushion was founded by Dr. Junhao Hu who has experienced back pain first hand. When he was an engineering student it became so bad it actually interfered with his productivity.

“Getting up and moving for 2 minutes every 20 minutes throughout your day is healthier than 32 straight minutes of exercise,” Dana Santas told The Now on ABC News Tampa Bay. Dana is a yoga teacher to professional athletes and one of the Advisory Board Members for Darma.

“Darma empowers people to understand what actions they need to take to adopt healthy sitting habits and feel better in their bodies,” said Dana.

This cushion is filled with sensors, and the cushion syncs to your smart phone using an app. By using the app you’ll be able to see where you are distributing your weight, if you’re slouching, and even what your current stress level is. The cushion will remind you gently to get up and move about throughout the day.

The cushion was recently backed on Kickstarter for a grand total of more than $225,000. While you can’t back the Kickstarter anymore, you can pre-order your cushion now on Darma’s website.


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