Review: What’s In the Way IS the Way by Mary O’Malley

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If you have been a reader of 42Yogis for some time, you know I’m a huge fan of meditation. I truly believe in the healing power of meditation, and its ability to transform our daily lives, and our health. This is why I was excited to discover Mary O’Malley’s latest book What’s In the Way IS the Way.

Mary is an author and counselor in Washington State. Like most great meditation and wellness authors, Mary writes from a place of personal transformation. As a young adult, Mary was institutionalised and dealt with the darkness that comes with such an experience.

Mary O'MalleyMary was influenced to awaken and become a mentor by many spiritual teachers including Stephen Levine, Ram Dass, and Jack Kornfield, in the 70s and 80s. For the past 30 years Mary has been helping others heal their wounds and find their own path to a better life.

Her latest book What’s In the Way IS the Way is an exploration of the health and wellness benefits of meditation.

“I believe the reason Life asked me to spread the message in this book is because I almost died of darkness, which included dread, extreme self-judgment, hopelessness and despair,” Mary explains. “Over time, I discovered how to bring curiosity and compassion to all of the states of mind and body that we try to fix, change, numb out, and stuff down inside. Life gave me these challenges so I can be a guide for others in healing their inner wars so they too can transform their struggles into the joy and peace that is our birthright.”

What’s In the Way IS the Way is a spiritual road map guiding you to become fully alive through exercises and re-memberings. Re-membering Statements are mantras that you create based on the lessons learned earlier in the chapter, and Re-membering Sessions are meditative experiences that can help you transform your perception through the week’s lessons. What’s In the Way IS the Way is full of actionable advice you can use to transform your life. Absorbing the lessons, and engaging in the Re-membering Sessions will help you become fully alive in a way you might not have imagined.

“Most people don’t know they are not fully alive because they are living in the world of struggle that brings forth an almost constant state of wanting things to be different than what they are – especially themselves,” Mary says. “In my new book, What’s In the Way IS the Way, I describe Life as a meadow and everything flows in that meadow. When we were very young, we lived in that meadow – there was no separation between ourselves and life. Then imagine the clouds in the sky slowly lowering and circling around our heads. That is the cloud bank of struggle we have all been conditioned into.”

“But we have never left the meadow – we just think we have,” Mary continues. “Being fully alive means being fully here in this moment (in the meadow of Life), experiencing whatever Life is bringing us, including not only the amazing miracle of being alive, but also the struggle, fear, chaos, insanity, anxiety and depression of the mind that believes it is separate from life. Being fully alive is to live from our main brain which is the heart. We all shut down our hearts and we ran away to our minds when were very young because life was too scary. Most people live from this conditioning until they die. But, more and more of us are waking up. More and more of us are becoming embodied again, opening our hearts and engaging our minds with the intelligent flow called Life. I truly believe that learning to be fully alive will heal the world of the violence that comes from minds that are separate from life. Once you come back to life, there is no way you can cause harm to yourself, to others and to the world.”

You can buy What’s In the Way IS the Way on Amazon and begin to become fully alive.


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