Review: What’s Your Magical Moment by Gina Kloes

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Disconnect and become more mindful.

Everywhere you turn people are connected to their devices. Hell, as I’m writing this I have my laptop, my iPad, and my phone all within arm’s reach.
People are texting during conversations, and staring at their screens instead of the beauty in the world around them. Technology is great, but with our obsession of it we tend to miss out on what’s going on around us.
Can you remember the last time you were truly present in what was happening? Focused? Engaged? These moments are becoming more and more rare. Yet it is in these moments you can find magic, and this magic can transform your life.
In “What’s Your Magical Moment?” author Gina Kloes helps you disconnect from technology to find the magic in moments you are often neglecting, and use this magic to find meaning in your life.
“Beyond our hectic, fast paced, demanding life, there is a place and time where we can all pause, find meaning, get clarity, experience joy, and rediscover experiences that illuminate our life,” says Gina.
And I hate to break it to you, but these experiences don’t include playing Angry Birds or binge watching Netflix. These experiences have the potential to unlock deep spiritual awakenings within us if only we are open to them.
I am not going to suggest that we need to get rid of our devices, and in doing our lives will instantly transform. We live in 2015. Technology is everywhere, and increasingly more unavoidable. But I do agree there are some times when technology can get in the way of us being more present and involved in the world around us. Knowing when to use technology and when to disconnect can help you connect to those deeper moments and with those around you in a more authentic way.
In her book, Gina guides the reader through exercises designed to help the reader reflect on a situation so it can be felt more deeply. “It is in the moment of reflection we often come to this realization: your life can be different,” Gina says.
And this is where the power of the book lies: in the belief that your life can be different. If you don’t like where you are in life, move. You’re not a tree. But how do you make the decision of where and when to change things in your life? How do you begin and where do you go from here?
Start with the reflection questions Gina asks at the end of the stories, like:

  • What would have to happen so you can regularly tap into and awaken the joyful and grateful spirit and experiences within you?
  • When was the last time you truly felt passion?
  • What would have to happen for you to disconnect from your busy life and take a moment to breathe deeply and feel the peace already within you?

This book is full of interviews and shorter stories that you could certainly read one after another. But instead go through this book with a pen and paper. After you read an interview or story, take a moment to answer the reflection questions at the end of the book. Write down your answers, and put the book away for a few days. Reflect on your answers and then come back to the book with a fresh mind and pick up where you left off.
You might be surprised at how present you become in the world around you when you only stop to look.


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