Six Careers That Empower You To Improve The Health of Others

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6 Careers to Help Improve The Health of Others

A common theme of rewarding careers is that they help others. Improving the health and well-being of individuals are two more reasons that compound this truth. There are six occupations that speak to these contributions that empower those who pursue them. Here is a look at each with a bit of insight.

Physical Therapist

This discipline works with individuals that have been hurt in a variety of accidents. They also support those who have debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis, scoliosis, and arthritic diseases. Their goal is to return patients back to optimum health by increasing range of motion and mobility. The work includes exercises, ultrasound, and massage.

Yoga Instructor

If you are interested in helping others live a healthy lifestyle, being a yoga instructor can be very rewarding. You can help people learn how to better understand their bodies and abilities, and instill habits that can increase strength. People from all walks of life practice yoga. You may be able to influence people who are overcoming injuries or illness, who want to live healthier and who want to control their emotions and breathing patterns better.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists provide services that teach patients how to regain independence after an illness and for those with long-term disabilities. There focus is on the occupation of patients as the name suggest. They equip individuals with skills sets to succeed in everyday activities through a holistic and therapeutic program. The program will consist of developing, restoring, and sustaining the best possible outcome required for gainful employment.


This profession has a special niche in the over-all health of everyone. They work in a broad spectrum of industries besides medical settings. School districts, insurance companies, higher-education, and home health care agencies are a few more where these professionals make an impact. Having an online Master of Science in Nursing can open up many opportunities to find your dream job in the world of health.

Speech Therapist

Speech impediments and difficulty swallowing are debilitating conditions. Speech therapists diagnose and develop treatment protocols that train individuals how to overcome challenges with exercises and innovative strategies. They include practicing letters and word phonetics. Using mirrors during therapy allows patients to see and hear words for a concrete connection. This discipline facilitates broad demographics that include all age groups.


Hearing contributes to other bodily functions including balance. Audiologists are trained to assess and diagnose conditions related to the ear. They follow this with treatment and monitoring, which could include prescribing a hearing aid or training to read lips. Testing individuals using a variety of methods is also a daily activity.

Helping others live robust and full lives can be very empowering. Careers that support this concept are invigorating for those that engage in them. As this discussion suggests, there are a litany of choices to choose from.


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