Six Secret Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi

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Tai Chi means meditation in motion, and involves making circular motions with relaxed muscles and partially extended joints. This mental and physical practice originated from China where it was conducted as a martial art, and several studies have concluded that practicing Tai Chi may lead to many health benefits. Here are six secret benefits Practicing Tai Chi.


The ability to sense your body in space normally declines as you get older. This sense is controlled by sensory neurons in your inner ear and the stretch receptors in your ligaments and muscles. Tai Chi helps train this sense and improves your flexibility and muscle strength, making it easier for you to recover from a fall. A study was conducted to compare men aged above 65 years who had experience in practicing Tai Chi, and those who had never practiced Tai Chi or any other physical activity. It was concluded that those who had experience in Tai Chi performed well on balance and flexibility tests.

Self Confidence

The fear of falling causes many slip and fall injuries among the elderly. One study found that the fear of falling was reduced for senior adults who engaged in Tai Chi. Persons with improved balanced, resulting from Tai Chi, were found to have a high level of confidence compared to those with poor balance. It makes for a great way to become more acquainted with your body, and to feel better in it.

Aerobic Capacity

Depending on the level of speed and the size of movements, Tai Chi can act as a form of aerobic exercise. Aerobic capacity reduces as you age, but with regular Tai Chi training one can improve on it. In several studies on how Tai Chi affects one’s aerobic capacity, it was concluded that people who engaged in Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style had better aerobic capacity than individuals who did not.


Walking is associated with a low risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many chronic illnesses. According to one study, people who practice Tai Chi walk more steps than those who do not. Since walking speed decreases as you age, practicing Tai Chi can help improve walking.


This musculoskeletal condition is characterized by painful symptoms. The cause of fibromyalgia is still unknown, and it currently has no cure. In one study involving persons with fibromyalgia, the practice of Tai Chi was found to relieve some FM symptoms.


The movement, mental concentration, and breathing that are involved in Tai Chi improve how you respond to stress both mentally and physically. Breathing together with the movement of the body helps to promote calmness.

Many senior care centers, like Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care, and community facilities offer exercise and physical therapy like Tai Chi because of its health benefits. This exercise does not require any furniture or equipment, and many seniors find it an easy activity and a peaceful environment where they can meet other individuals. Tai Chi also helps improve the health and function of younger adults and has come to be accepted as a healthy physical and mental exercise.


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